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Unacceptable service person and her manager

I purchased a computer, TV and in-home installation of the TV on May 25th with a service date of August 4th from Best Buy. On August 2nd I saw that the computer was reduced by Best Buy by $110. I called to ask that they honor their store's price match for the computer as it even shows the original price with the reduction on their computer on 8/2. This lady placed me on hold three times, consistently telling me that she could not see the computer's new price. I was frustrated so told her to cancel the order (and I would just buy it again at the reduced price).  She failed to warn me that cancelling one item cancelled everything else in that order. She only told me AFTER the in-home appointment was cancelled that she had cancelled my in-home appointment.

I waited over 2 months for this appointment and told her that the store needed to honor it. She told me that she could not do that, so I asked for a manager. She put me on hold 2 more times, apologized repeatedly and told me she would reschedule it.  She kept avoiding allowing me to speak to a manager, but after 15 minutes she finally transferred me to a manager. The manager stated that she could not honor the original appointment but would reschedule it.

Meanwhile I was on hold so long that I had gotten into my car and had driven to a Best Buy store.  So I hung up on the phone support and spoke to the store manager. She showed me the screen that shows that the service was not cancelled.

So this morning I got up at 7am for the scheduled appointment (7a-1pm window).  I called Best Buy customer support at 8am and was assured that the appointment for in-home service was there for today.

At 12:20 I just called again and was told that the service had indeed been cancelled by the customer support lady that has caused me so many problems.   The one whose manager refused to correct the error caused by her employee.

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Re: Unacceptable service person and her manager



Thank you so much for joining us here on our community forums! Although, I do wish it were under better circumstances. I can understand how, on top of getting your appointment rescheduled, not getting the service you need can add to the already accumulated escalated feelings.


I would be more than happy to investigate and get this documented for further review here at our Corporate Campus. To do so, kindly private message us using the button below, your:


Full name
Phone number 
Email address
Order number


Best regards,

Kayden|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Some of their reps are limited (in competence) or willfully refuse to do things

I tried at least 3 times to change a 50" TV from a pick-up to delivery. Each person stated that they could not change it.

The only option I figured out I had was to cancel the order and then place a new one with delivery.


Then the computer I bought in May of 2022 for delivery in August was in the same order for the installation of this TV I ordered (and was afraid to cancel because it would mess up the in home installation service). I called on 8/2 (before the computer delivery date) and tried to get the store to price match their own reduced price by $110. The phone customer service person refused to do it saying that the ad (that I was staring at on the comuter) did not exist. So again, the 800 Best Buy service required that in order to get this computer at their cheaper price I have to cancel the existing order and reorder it (they will not honor a price match for a not-yet-delivered item with their own resuced price.  So I told the lady to cancel the order for this computer.

She cancelled the entire order!  I waited over 2 months plus started paying for a computer service I am not using!!!!!

I have spoken to over 6 people and several stated that they will try to get an appointment for me Saturday morning (2 days after my originally scheduled appointment that their person cancelled.  I explained that I am enrolled in a computer class starting at 1:00 on Saturday.  I just received a text from that in home company stating they will be in my home between 1-4. Whn I reminded them that I am in a course and cannot in fairness miss over 30 minutes for a TV installation, they stated they will reschedule it...for next week!!!!!!!!!!!!


Incompetence abounds!!!!!

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Re: Some of their reps are limited (in competence) or willfully refuse to do things

Good Evening, smilingcarolyn.


Thanks for reaching out. I see you are working with a colleague of mine on this through private message. They should be able to assist you from here.


Kind regards,

Trey|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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