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Unable to obtain copy of receipt for in store purchase - Need with priority



I am trying to escalate an issue that I have been trying to resolve for the last few days related to obtaining a copy of the proof of purchase for a transaction I made with Best Buy in 2018. 



I need proof of purchase so that LG will agree to replace my OLED panel.


Purchase Info:

Purchased LG OLED65C7P from Richfield, MN Best Buy (Store 281) on 02/02/2018 for a total transaction cost of $2,903.16. Transaction ID: 0281 098 0512 020218. Last 4 of card used for purchase: 5349


Attempts made thus far: 

The transaction shows up in my Best Buy account purchase history, as do purchases from much further back (2015). However this particular purchase errors out when I click to expand on the details. 


I contacted support through the online chat, that agent was unable to access the record of the purchase. They advised visiting the store.


I visited the store and spoke with customer service. They were unable to access the record with their level of access, so they requested a manager come help and at that time Nicholas Apolloni (CIA Senior) came over and elevated access on the work station. He was also unable to locate record of the purchase. He then advised me to call corporate and try to get it resolved that way, and advised that I use his name as a reference if needed.


This morning I called the number he gave me (888-237-8289), and it connected me with an automated menu. I selected Rewards Account and was connected with an agent who once again was unable to access the record. He put me on hold and told me he was working with customer service and would be right back. I was on hold for 20 minutes before the call was transfered to a call center somewhere and I was connected with someone brand new who was untrained and had nowhere near the level of system access needed to assist me. 


I feel I have exhausted every option I have available to me to try to get the record of this purchase and I need your help. If we have absolutely no way to obtain a copy of the receipt, LG reps said it would be sufficient if I had a letter from Best Buy with Best Buy letterhead, acknowledging the purchase and stately explicitly the purchase details.


I am hopeful someone here can help me with this one way or another. It is time sensitive as I am right on the edge of the service warranty window with this purchase for OLED panels.