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Transaction Disappeared

On June 14, 2021, I purchased two Zag screen protectors for my and my wife's Galaxy Note 20 Ultras. These items came with a lifetime warranty as they were purchased and installed inside Best Buy Store#215 here in Houston,TX. I went into that store, today, January 5, 2022, in order to have my protectors prepared due to peeling. The Geek Squad tech told me to provide him with my information to look up the transaction. He couldn't find . I gave him an alternate phone number that I had used at one transaction found. Then the store manager accessed his transaction history computer and searched on that exact day. He questioned whether it might have been purchased at another store. I showed him my transaction history from my checking account showing the debit from my account in the amount of $86.58 on June 14, 2021 at Store#215. This is the exact amount for two items at $39.99 plus tax. Still...transaction not found. He told me customer care or primary support because they had more accurate records than his in-store records. So I did...and I spoke to 8 different reps over the course of nearly 3 hours...none could find it....saying the in-store system was better and more accurate. At this point I don't know who to talk to that can help. Everyone just passes the buck.on to someone else. This is as about as ridiculous as it gets. It would seem that the money came out of my account...someone at Best Buy would be able to provide the transaction proof that granted them access to charge mo ey to my own personal checking account. This only 86 dollars...but believe's more than enough to make me never spend a single dollar in a Best Buy ever again. So please help. I have evidence that BestBuy #215 in Houston debited $39.99X2 plus tax from my bank. How can I get someone to.honor their agreement. It appears too convenient that someone just happened to forget to record the transaction under my profile on a lifetime warranty item.

Thank you
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Re: Transaction Disappeared

Hello, Dram931,


Thanks for joining us on the community forums. I can understand your concern, when we can't find your purchase information. I would be happy to look into this issue and help any way I can. Please private message me all the information you have like full name, phone number, email address, and any other information that might help me find your purchase history.



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