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This is a Nightmare $4000 camera Nothing in Box URGENT

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To start off let me introduce my self. My name is Jaden {removed per forum guidelines}. I run some very successful social media accounts. I have a TikTok with over 9.5 million fans and a youtube with over 1.2m subs if you search up my name on google you can find me Smiley Happy . The reason I am telling you this is because I feel it is important to know this in regards to the current situation I am in with an item I purchased in store.


On may 22nd I purchased a brand new camera for filming my youtube videos. It was the Sony Alpha 7s 3, with that I got the protection plan for 2 years and the 16mm lens with protection plan as well. I am located in phoenix, Arizona and wanted to pick up this camera, ASAP so I could film my YouTube video on Monday. I saw that the only availability one was in Tuscon, the Tuscon store 6025 E Boradway Blvd Tuscon, AZ 85711. I proceeded to order so I could pick up the next day. I woke up early and drove 2 hours to the Tuscon store to pick it up, in the store I also bought an sd card and an sd card reader.


I proceeded to the pick up counter where I picked up the new camera and the new lens. The lady put it in a bag and and gave it to me and I went and purchased the sd card and reader and went back to the car put the bag in and drove home. After 2 hours of driving I got home, and noticed the camera box was somewhat light but I assumed that it was just because the camera was so expensive and they were probably made lighter, but upon opening the box there was no camera inside. All that was inside the box was a strap, a charger, a cable, and the manual. The lens was in a separate box but the lens was there thankfully.


I immediately contacted support and they directed me to the store where I talked with a security guard who told this happens sometimes with cameras in the distribution center, he then transferred me to the manager. I talked with the manager and he said he was going to do an investigation and call me back in an hour, after around an hour and a half he called me back asked me a couple questions and said he needed more time to investigate but I should call corporate to speed up the process. I called corporate and they told me I am better off calling the store and figuring it out with the store.


Now I’m at a stand still. I waited all day for a call back from the store and didn’t receive one then I went ahead and tried to contact the store again, but got transferred to geek squad. Then I contacted support again and they said the store wasn’t taking calls. Then after another call with support the lady said they couldn’t really do much and I had to figure it out with the store. I asked for her supervisor and then I was on a hold then it said it was closed. I’m now in a place where I really don’t know what to do In total I spent around $4000 on this camera and all I got was an empty box. I can't even use the lens I spent $2000 on. I am having extreme anxiety cause of how much I spent on this camera and the fact that the store isn’t updating me on what’s going on or if I’m getting my camera that I paid for or a refund. I will be driving another 2 hours to see if we can get this resolved in the store. This is just no way to treat a customer and it's a shame I have to go through all this trouble because of a mistake made by the store. I really hope that you can help resolve this one if they can’t, Thank you! 


I can provide you with the Order #, Email, Last 4 digits on card, and anything else you need this is an urgent matter

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Re: This is a Nightmare $4000 camera Nothing in Box URGENT

Issue has been resolved they accidentally sold me the display box
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Re: This is a Nightmare $4000 camera Nothing in Box URGENT

Hello, jsprinz16, and welcome to our online community!


Thank you for posting about your experience on our forum, although I hate to hear about the problems you encountered with your camera purchase. I can understand how important this piece of expensive equipment is in regards to your filming, and I wish your purchasing experience would have gone seamlessly. Clearly that wasn't the case, but I'm relieved to learn the store was eventually able to assist you.


If you'd like, I can formally document your feedback in our corporate system now. To start, please send me a private message including your full name, email, and phone number. You can find the blue option to message me to the right of my name below.

Our support team here on the forum is always happy to assist with any issue or question you may have, so I encourage you to reach back out to us again in the future with anything you may need!


All the best,

Allison|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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