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The Worse Customer Service I've ever had

I went to the Tri County store on Mar 18th to purchase a T.V., xbox live membership and a game.
1. Had some questions before I made a purchase. The workers were MIA

2. I decided to just pick one of the T.V's that wer on sale on the floor. Saw a cart at register in the TV section. My sister put the TV on the cart for me.

3. Once we were ready to check out, it seemed as though all the workers came to the door in front of the security guard.
A. Now what's strange about the whole thing is that my
Sister asked one of the worker's why they were all of
A sudden at the front and guy responded to help put
the TV in the car, so my sister said, we are good, no
one helped us put it on the cart.

4. The cashier was acting a little funny, so my sister once again said what do you need to see her Id, he said yes, by the time he was done ringing me out, I said do you need my Id and he said no.

5. My brother was pushing the cart out and another man comes up and says, the carts aren't allowed out of the store. So my brother and sister picked up the 55in and carried it to the car.

6. By the time I was walking out the store, a BB worker pushed an empty cart outside the store. The caucasian guy that she was helping says I'll take the cart to the car.

To make a long story short, I've never been apart or faced RACISM/RACIAL PROFILING in my life. My sister said something about it and the security guard told her to get out and insisted that she was in the store 2 days prior causing a problem and said if she comes back in the store he was going to have her arrested.

My sister and I have been shopping at BB for years and this is the 1st time we've ever been treated so poorly. Not only did it feel like they were watching us like we are thieves, but they made seem like we were poor or couldn't afford the purchase.

I will be returning my purchase and take my business else where and will tell my friends and family not to patron BB.

If you need more information, feel free to email me.

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Re: The Worse Customer Service I've ever had

To add to my complaint, I was for the corporate phone number and I was told that there is no number for corporate. When I asked to speak the a manager, the guy asked me a 100 questions as to why I needed the manager. Then said he needed to know so that he could get the right manager. He puts me on hold and comes back and says the only mgr there is with another customer. Totally unprofessional!!!
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Re: The Worse Customer Service I've ever had

Hello, Hammons36,


When our customers visit our stores, we expect them to be treated with dignity and respect. We also anticipate that all of our customers will receive amazing customer service and be supported along the way with all of their technology needs.


The experience you have described here goes against the equality we deeply believe in and is unacceptable to us. We would love to continue to review this here in our Corporate office.


The best way for us to do that would be to be able to notate your experience through a case on our side. To begin a case, I will just need you to private message me with your phone number, full name, email, and the city and state of the Tri County store you are speaking about.


To send a private message, simply select the blue box labeled Private Message to the right of my signature.

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