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The Best Worker at Best Buy

I came to Best Buy and asked about a product. The first person an Asian worker was rude, short with his words and didn't offer any other help. The second person an African American guy name Jahsiah, promptly came to me and asked me if I needed help. He was very attentive and was eager to not only help me but go above and beyond to give me details about each product I was looking for. Because of the first guy, I was going to leave and not buy anything but when Jahsiah eagerly came to me with a cheerful spirit and a humbling attitude as if he was there to serve his customers with compassion and understanding. Jahsiah took it upon himself to serve all my needs as a customer. First he made me feel at home in Best Buy and then he sold the product to me successfully! Because of the other guy, I was going to walk out of the store with NO SALE. But because Jahsiah's friendly attitude and his skills, he sold me the product. Jahsiah really needs an award for his hospitality to the point of sale because the other guy was rude and brushed me off which can lose customers and end up with no sales.
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Re: The Best Worker at Best Buy

Hello Coledi,


Welcome to the forum!


Thank you for sharing your great experience with Jahsiah at our store in Harrisonburg, VA! I genuinely appreciate you taking the time to share this with us. We strive to make our store visits, an embracing and enjoyable experience each and every time. I want to assure you that your words will absolutely get shared with the overseeing leaders of the Harrisonburg, VA location, as it appears this is a crucial coaching and training opportunity that needs to be addressed for the first employee. On behalf of Best Buy, my apologies for the inconvenience all of this has caused.


I have also shared your experience with Jahsiah, and I've documented your experience at a corporate level for internal review. However, this will not generate any contact to you, as it gets handled internally. Be sure to send me a private message with your details if you have any other questions.



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Re: The Best Worker at Best Buy

Thank you. He deserves to be in a managerial position for sure.