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Terrible store experience

Today I made a trip to my local Heath, Ohio Best Buy. I was prepared to purchase a new home theater system but needed to test the products and ask questions. The store was busy so I understood the lack of help. I looked around the store for 45 minutes and noticed an employee standing around in the Home Audio section not helping any customer. I asked him a question,  he answered, and before I could ask a follow up he told me he had something to take care of and walked away. I was quite frustrated at this point and decided to leave. 


I walked out the door, but decided to return to let a staff member know of my experience. I encountered four employees standing together, talking and laughing. I walked up to one of the employees and was finally asked if I needed help. I told the employee I could have used it earlier but when I finally asked a question the employee walked away. Another gentleman in the group of four identified himself as the store manager. He said they were busy and that's why I didn't receive help (but apparently not too busy because these four employees were taking amongst one another). I informed him how long I had been there and of the employee walking away from me. He asked for the identity of the store employee and I said I wasn't there to get anyone in trouble and just wanted them to be aware of my experience. At this point the store manager started getting loud with me. He was loud enough where numerous customers in the area began looking at us. I stayed completely calm, but at this point the situation was becoming embarrassing. I did not want to be in the store anymore.


I have NEVER been treated this way by employees of a store in my entire life. I have shopped at this Best Buy ever since it opened, but I guarantee I will never step foot in that store again. If I absolutely need to purchase something from Best Buy I would rather drive 40 minutes to a Columbus location. As for giving up the identity of the employee who walked away I respond with this...if the store manager was doing his job, I wouldn't have to out the employee, it would have been taken care of long before. 


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Re: Terrible store experience

Hello, EC24,


Thank you for taking the time to join us here on the Best Buy Forums. We wish that you joined under better circumstances, but welcome to this community!


We aim to provide exceptional service at every turn, so this is certainly surprising to hear. It seems that you have already taken the best step which is to bring the issue to the attention of leadership while in store.


If you would like to share further detail on the issue for documentation here at the Corporate Campus, please feel free to send me a private message with those details, as well as your full name, email, phone number, and approximate time of the visit. To do so, be sure to click on the blue box in my signature below.



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