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Terrible experience with a local best buy store

It was around 4PM when I arrived at the store with my family to buy the apple smart keyboard. The store was not busy at all.

A salesperson approached to me and helped me to get the keyboard..there was only one in the shelves with lock.

He said he would put the keyboard at the cashier in computer department. Couple minutes later, I went to the cashier in computer department where was the salesperson mentioned.

The cashier was searching for the keyboard all around, but he couldn't find. So he asked me who the salesperson was.

I told him who he was. After he found the salesperson and talked, he said the salesperson didn't admit he was the one who helped me. I really didn't understand why he said so because I was 100% sure it was him. 

I'd been waited more than 10 min and he said there was nothing in the stock. And I found the salesperson who was trying to avoid me on purpose. I really didn't understand what was going on so I asked for a manager who could handle. In the meantime, I closed to the salesperson trying to ask what happened. As soon as he saw me, he said first that he knew me even I didn't say anything. Right at the time, the store manager came to me and said very rudely. I was very surprised by his attitude. He wasn't trying to know what was the issue, he just said, just leave the store because he had the right to refuse to sell a product and that we had to leave the store immediately. I was trying to make him understand but, he was just laughing at me. 

If the salesperson made a mistake, it was ok he just apologized to me for what happened. We could've understood because people made a mistake but, This type of situation is unacceptable. 

The salesperson was just lying and trying to avoid me. 

The store manager treated us like criminals and was really rude. 

There were lots of cameras I wanted you to take a look what we'd been through. 

I felt very humiliated by this rude store manager. 

I will not ever go to this store and I tell everyone not to go this store. 

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Re: Terrible experience with a local best buy store

I will post on your facebook. Twitter. Yelp. BBB. Every place that i can report.
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Re: Terrible experience with a local best buy store

Greetings, Woochong!


Thanks for the post to us here on the Support Forums, and welcome!


I am surprised to hear about this experience in one of our stores, and I'm glad that you are sharing it with us so that we can help you out. I know that when I go shopping, I don't expect to be treated like that, and we certainly don't want any of our customers to feel that way when they visit either. I'm truly sorry that this incident happened and that you had been made to feel uncomfortable in this way. 


I'd like to discuss this further with the store as well, to be able to gather as much information as I can about the situation that you're describing. For me to be able to do so, can you send me a Private Message with some more information? Please provide me with the following: 


  1. full name
  2. email address
  3. phone number


To send me a Private Message, you can click on the blue button in my signature that says Private Message. 


Thanks so much!

Cameron|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Terrible experience with a local best buy store

I sent the private massage. please solve this issue..

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Re: Terrible experience with a local best buy store

Can you tell me how you handle this matter?
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Re: Terrible experience with a local best buy store

Hi there!


It looks like Cameron addressed this question in your conversation via private message. Please revisit what was said there, and feel free to let us know if you have any additional questions or concerns. 




Jenni|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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