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Terrible experience- damaged tv in transit, no customer service

Just had terrible experience with Bestbuy. Purchased qned90 tv from a bestbuy store ( open box- display model)  in Houston, and ordered home delivery, also was sold 5 year warranty with it while was in the store. Waited for 5-6 days , finally delivery guys came and brought bubble wrapped tv without a box. I asked them to open it and immediately say a dent on the screen, while turning it on, half of the screen was black. They took pictures and told me that will report it. Ok. 

Called bestbuy customer service. Spoke with an agent for about 1 hour and he was repeating same phrase - he annot help me becuase delivery is not finalized yet. Called them later, probably because an agent was trying to get rid of me, was transfered to sales department, and they offered me to buy a new TV. I already bought a tv and want bestbuy to make it right, instead of being sold another tv. Next day, chatted with an agent, and she nicely told me that Bestbuy will do everything to help me out and I should to a store and ask them to find similar class open box tv, they will bring the price down and will not have to pay anything...Went to a store, the manager told me they don't have these tv's anymore and no similar open boxes, becuase everything was lower end. Instead she found same tv which wasn't listed but was in the system in  another store as a display model and suggested to go there. Ok. I went there and was treated rudely from the very beginning. It seemed that nobody even cared about accomodating me. They told me that indeed they had this tv, but cannot sell it to me for the same price or subsitute it for damaged tv,  only sell it as a new for $1399. And cannot bring down any price to accomodate me. The other guy who was supposed to bring that display model down was rude and told me that I should get my money back treating me like an idiot. He wasn't even trying to find me another, similar model, the max discount that he was able to give was 10 %. I had to give up and leave. Everyone is saying different things, sending me from a store to a store, online  agents saying that stores will help, while actual store don't give a $%it. Am I still customer? right now, this broken tv is sitting in my apartment. Tired to repeat this story over the phone. 

Hope Best buy support here is different. 


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Re: Terrible experience- damaged tv in transit, no customer service

Good Afternoon, vll23.


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Thank you for reaching out. I'm sorry to hear that you are having issues with your order. I'd love to help. Please send me a private message with your full name, number, and email so that I can better assist you. You can send a private message by selecting the blue "Private Message" button to the right of my signature. I am currently heading out of the office for the day, but shall return tomorrow morning to assist. Looking forward to speaking with you then.

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Re: Terrible experience- damaged tv in transit, no customer service

You can exchange it with another open box if you want to keep pricing the same.