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Terrible customer service - would like prompt resolution

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I would like to express my disappointment in you leadership satff for the locations in Erie Pa an Palm Desert Ca. I stopped in to the local BB store in erie Pa, in search of the AT&T Galaxy S8+ phone to upgrade my current phone. Sydnee, who I have worked with before and is great, siad the store did not have any more, and  I would have to purchase on line. I went to, put all my info in, went to the purchase screen, at whhich point it said there were none within 250 miles, and would not let me finalize the purchase. So, I went back to the BB store, and they said if I find a store that had one, they would facilitate the shipment to the Erie store. While I was there, I dropped $300 on an Ipad, and went home to start my search (which was a bit off putting that your employees with a vast nationwide presence could not simply do this for me) and spent an hour of my time using the zip codes for all major markets across the country. I again, put all my info in to have the phone upgrdaded, and paid for the phone. I for the third time, went back to the BB store to have somebody call to handle the transfer. I was told by customer service the equivilant of  "too bad - not my problem". The gal at customer service said they would not call, and make no attempt to get the phone here...which openly  is very weak ...and not at all customer centric. I left the store angry, and proceeded to call the store in Palm Desert Ca...the mobile department was zero help, and again simply told me they would not do that. I hung up and called back...asked for a member of leadership (I was left on hold for 14 min, hung up and called back again)...I spoke to Ben, who proceeded to make a ton of nonsense excuses about policy...I being a General Manager for a branch of a Fortune 500 company..I.know that the most abrasive thing you can say to an angry customer, is that is our policy. I will not accept that. in my opinion, what I heard is your not valuable enough customer to print out a UPS / Fedex label and send the phone to Erie Pa store. I hung up with Ben inferioriated, and called your 1800 Best Buy #  - no help there either. I have spent over $4000 with your company in the last 12 months...I expect better, and frankly left fwwling like not one person cares to help customers.The crazy nonsense I was fed about not being able to send across state lines in just that...nonsense. That phone is no different in CA that any other state in is lazyness on his part. I am willing to pay for the shipping...just tell me who to email the prepaid label to, and I will send to them.  I was also fed the line that they cannot be liable for what could happen to the phone if they ship it...again, I dont appriciate being patronized...he knows full well that UPS/ Fedex has responsibility once shipped...I am certian you ship millions of packages a year, the vast majority from DC's...but I am certian you ship intracompany. If ther is an issue of identy, and the phone being shipped to the wrong person, again...ship it to the store in Erie Pa, and I will gladly show idntification. I fully understand there are procedures, all great orgnizations have them...but there are always exceptions that can be made with the right effort and approval process...I am simply asking for some common sense here, and for a member of the leadership team to figure out who needs to approve, in order to take care of a loyal customer.


To whom ever reads this, my ask is this...I would likle a response from a director or VP level employee...I have been a loyal customer, and purchase all of my electronics for my family at best buy...but if this is not resolved, I am done with BB...I will not spend another dime with you folks. 


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Re: Terrible customer service - would like prompt resolution

I read your post twice, it really seems to me that your saying whatever policies they have in place should not apply to you because your special and a very important person.

You could just ask "is it possible to transfer a phone from one store to another?" My local area is out of the phone I want and I found some in another state.

I'm guessing it would not take a VP to answer your question.
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Re: Terrible customer service - would like prompt resolution

Thank you for the reply, but understand I am not asking anybody to blindly disregard a policy...but make the effort to gain exception to policy for a valued customer, who wants to give my hard earned money to Best buy for a product's they advertised, and then was out of stock in the region. Openly, the region in which Erie Pa falls into is not my concern...Best Buy is Best Buy in my eyes, and  I feel most would agree..they represent themselves and a nationwide I simply ask they deliver as such.


With regards to policy, and the philosophy of customer service I have practiced for 23 years, that I teach to the 6 leaders that report to me, 122 indirect reports, and the over 600 I instruct leadership seminars to across the country each year, is you take care of every customer...jump thru hoops for them...they will do the same for you. Follow policy...but don't be to lazy, customers first, processes second, or contact the person who can make an exception to a policy or procedure. 


I very kindly and politely asked with please and thank yous to be accommodated...but the responses from employees were taken as they did not care to make the extra effort...perception is my reality. I have requested the escalation, as both store managers have not had any interest in helping me. In most large companies, such as Best Buy, presumably the Store Manager reports to a director or regional VP...I am simply following the chain of command.


I am disappointed I have not heard back from anybody in 24 hours...just sad Smiley Sad I am holding out hope for a call on Friday.

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Re: Terrible customer service - would like prompt resolution

The forums work on a first come, first serve basis and it can take a few days under normal circumstances, but with the holidays there can be a longer turn around time. In any case, the corporate moderators who work the forums will not call you, they will respond through here when they work through their queues to your post. If you need immediate assistance, the only other option is the 1-888 number which you stated you tried. I would sit tight and wait for them to work through to your post.
I am not a forum moderator nor voice of corporate. One of the corporate moderators will be with you as soon as they can for the official response from Best Buy. The forums work on a first come, first serve basis and it can take a while for a response.
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Re: Terrible customer service - would like prompt resolution

Greetings criswellt,


I appreciate you taking the time to create a Best Buy forum account and writing in to us about your recent experience when trying to purchase a phone that isn’t currently available in your area. Using your forum registration information, I can see your contact to our Executive Support team. At this point, one of our Executive Support Specialists will be reaching out to you regarding your concerns. Thank you.



Kayla|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Terrible customer service - would like prompt resolution

Well Bestbuy...I am disappointed. You got a little too big and forgot how to treat customers. You have no true customer service number to lodge a complaint and ensure they get routed to a person to resolve. I asked for a call...never happened. The reply here was weak at best...not one executive contacted me. 


Now, I have spent an hour on the phone to get the cancelled phone off my account...thanks Bestbuy...this is how I want to spend my Saturday afternoon!


I will be back to Best Buy stores for sure...I will browse items I am looking for, leave and will purchase on Amazon...or anywhere else. I will not buy so much as a pack of gum from you. This whole experience has left me sour...I can only wish BB goes the way of Circuit City, HH Gregg, and others...OUT OF BUSINESS! yes it will be sad to see some many lose their job, but when you look back on may learn why,,,you did NOT go above and beyond for your customers!


Now, I will go on and spend the next half hour finding any way I can to review BB, and bash you! are dead to me! 


Thanks for nothing Best Buy...I and done spending my money and time with you,



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Re: Terrible customer service - would like prompt resolution

Good Afternoon Tim,


Thank you for following up with Kayla regarding your concerns. We’re sorry to hear that our Executive Resolution Team hasn’t followed up with you yet on your experience. We’ve forwarded your most recent posts to them for further review.  



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