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Terrible customer service experience - S22 Ultra GC+Coupon issue

To whom it may concern Best Buy Customer Service,

I would like to report a terrible experience trying to apply for a Promotion that was advertised online for in store Trade in/Purchase of Galaxy S22 Ultra.
The link to the advertisement is HERE.

I went into the store 6/12 and asked a representative about the deal linked above and they said as long as I brought in a device that was on this list they would give me a gift card for the value shown on the website, and I could use the value on the gift cards towards the purchase of the unlocked S22 Ultra.  Seems pretty straight forward so I gathered a couple old devices I had as well as purchased second hand a few others so that I could cover the cost of the device.
The devices I brought it were the following:
1. Unlocked Google pixel 3a White
2. Unlocked Google pixel 3a black
3. Unlocked Google pixel 3XL black
4. Unlocked Iphone 7
In theory I would be able to take in these 4 devices and get 800 towards the purchase of the unlocked S22 Ultra, as per what the Best Buy Representative said.
On 6//18 I went into the store and proceeded with the trade in for $200 for each device, as advertised on the website in the link above.  As the representative I was working with wasn't familiar with the deal a manager came over and approved the use of 4 devices, as the website deal has no restrictions against this.  It was at that time that they realized that Best Buy (the day before) had changed the way they did trade ins because there were some people abusing the trade in option, but they neglected to update the website, or the deal with the new details, at the moment of writing this email it still is not updated or changed.  Now for the $200 deals they give you $50 gift card and $150 Coupon, equaling a total of $200.  At this point the manager issued me the 4 gift cards of $50 and 4 paper coupons for $150.  When it came time to purchase the new device they realized that their system would not allow them to use multiple coupons for 1 purchase.  There were no details written on the coupon stating they could not be used together or that we could not use more than 1 trade in, there is NOTHING specifically saying this cannot be done and the manager had no idea what to do and said he wasn't sure what to do so I should contact customer care, after having spent 3 hours in the store.
I called customer care while in the store and spent at least 1 hour on the phone trying to explain the issue, they kept saying it's an in store only deal so I had to do it in the store.  They realized I had done that already, so told me that they in fact had no idea how trade ins worked so they walked me through going on the website to get CHAT support.  They directed me to the following LINK (Best buy>Trade in program>Trade in Program FAQ's>How can I get help with my trade in>press the world CHAT).  As you can see this link is BROKEN.  Another dead end.  At this point the person said they couldn't help me and maybe I should just email.  After further pressing they found another chat link, that was not specifically for trade ins.
I then spent over an hour on chat with the customer service who could only respond, they are chat, and this is an in store only promotion and I had to go to the store. Even though i'd told them I'd tried already they didn't care and only said they couldn't help, only a manager at the store could help, even though I repeatedly said that I had dealt the entire time with the Manager.  Another dead end.
Later that day I called Customer Care again, first they told me there was a glitch with their system and I should go back to the store in a couple hours and it would be resolved.  I was skeptical, and then she said well, there is no issue just go in and they will give you $200 per device, what's the problem? I repeated the problem with the stacking coupons and she said, no they don't give you coupons they give you credit towards the device.  Clearly she had NO IDEA how the store dealt with trade ins.   I told her I tried this and I wanted to escalate my complaint.  Then she said I couldn't escalate it because it was the end of the day, close to the end of their shift and all the managers had gone home.  Then she said again I just need to go back and speak to another manager that she couldn't help me.  I kept asking to escalate it.  Finally she said, fine I'll transfer you to someone else.  She transferred me to the mobile department who said hi, let me put you on hold and then hung up on me.  At this point I was frustrated so now I'm writing this email.
So to make things short.  Store manager would not honor the online deal as their computer would not allow them to stack the "coupons" and said the computer wouldn't except it, I need to call customer care.  Customer care said they couldn't help with trade ins I need to speak with customer CHAT from the website.  I spoke with customer chat and they said they can't help with anything that is related to in store deals and I needed to speak with a Manager.
I went to email the trade in department and press send on the website and get this error:  Is everything broken? Or is it just me?
We're sorry, you have encountered an unexpected error.

Transaction ID = 65587252-PPE4
Session ID = -


What am I missing? There is nothing on the website about trading in multiple devices, the mobile device store representative said I could do that, as they had many times in the past, the manager had no idea how to redeem the coupons for a device, and on top of all of this every single person that I dealt with in customer service tried to pass off the problem to someone else and had no idea why I was having any problem.

How can this be resolved? Stores must honor website promotions with the written stipulations that are detailed.  This is completely unacceptable, and has been a waste of more than an entire day of mine in trying to comply with every request that your customer service representatives asked of me. 





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Re: Terrible customer service experience - S22 Ultra GC+Coupon issue

Hello, mgaribaldi.


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