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Terrible customer service at Pembroke Pines, Florida

I experienced the worst customer service in years two days ago from Best Buy. I went in store to purchase an iPhone. I knew exactly what I wanted so it was easy for the salesman, Mohamed, who at first tried to help me. After I made the purchase, Mohamed started my new phone set up, and said he will be right back in a minute, while the phone sets up so he can help a customer with a question. 10 minutes later my new phone had frozen, I asked him to come back, however he waived me off and continued to work on his sale for the other customer. After about15 minutes, my phone was still frozen, he came back with the other customer surprised my phone was still not working. Instead of helping he passed me to another associate and continued to ring up at the phone area register electronics the other customer was buying from a different department. He actually asked me to move to another desk and grab my phone so he can ring up the customer. I called the manager over. I was sent someone named Freddy, who did not have anything stating he was manager. I advised Freddy what had occurred and the poor customer service. I did not even receive an apology. I actually had to leave without a working phone. This is the worst customer service in an industry that is being taken over by internet sales. What is the point of purchasing at a store without help or worst yet the associate actually makes you feel and just a sale.