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Terrible Store Experience

I visited the Christiana, DE store yesterday afternoon.  The entire purpose of my visit was to look, in person, at gaming chairs.  Rather than look on-line, I wanted to actually see/touch the chairs before I spent my money.  I need 2 chairs for my children, and want to check the durability and comfort before making a purchase.


After wandering for a few minutes, I finally asked someone to point me in the right direction.  He said they did have some, and called over another associate to show me the chairs.  The second person proceeded to take me to the "display", which turned out to be 5 or 6 cardboard boxes just stacked together.  I did have some questions, but really just wanted to see the chair itself.  Since there were none on display, I asked him to open one of the boxes.  He said he didn't think he could do that.  I asked again, and he agreed to "go ask".  He came back and said no, he was told he could not open the box.


What???  The whole point was to come to the store and see the chair in-person.  Since when is a store not willing to show the customer the actual merchandise??


When I said how unhappy I was, he suggested that I purchase the chair and bring it back if not satisfied.  I explained that I live 75 minutes away, and couldn't just come back easily.  He then had the ridiculous suggestion that I purchase the chair, take it out to my car, and open the box.  If I didn't like it, I could just come back in and return it.   What??  It was right in front of me in the store, with only clear packing tape sealing the box.  It would've been very easy to open and then reseal.  Or just kept it out, so a chair was on display for future customers.


At this point, I was done.  I asked the associate to go back to his supervisor (or whoever he asked) and explain that they just lost the sale of 2 chairs, all because they wouldn't open the top of a cardboard box. 


This whole thing was unacceptable.  This was a simple request, and I was prepared to buy them on the spot.  But now you've lost a customer.

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Re: Terrible Store Experience

Retailers are not allowed to open merchandise that is sealed in a box. Not all items are going to be able to be displayed. As mentioned , you do have the option of purchasing it and returning it if it is not to your satisfaction.
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Re: Terrible Store Experience

Hi kvdwl,


Thanks for joining us at the Best Buy Community forums to share your feedback on this.

While one of the great things about our stores is the ability to check out items before you buy them, we are not able to display every item that we sell. We are not able to open store stick items to display them if the item isn’t already on display in most cases. I apologize that this caused you to not make this purchase.


As the folks at the store told you, the best solution in situations like this is to make the purchase, and then return the item if it doesn’t fit your needs. That’s why we offer our Return & Exchange Promise.


If you want to know ahead of time if we have the item on display so that you know before coming in, the product page on our web site should let you know if we have a display unit available at your local store.


If you have any other questions, please let me know.



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