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Terrible Service again and again

Last year, my husband and I purchased our iPhones through Best Buy and during setup of my husband’s phone, the Best Buy employee locked it out indefinitely. We were there almost four hours while they tried to figure out what to do and ultimately he had to take the phone to the Apple store. What a joke that was, but for some reason we keep returning to the Birdcage Store in Citrus Heights, CA.

More recently in November, we went to purchase a new Xbox controller and they were all side by side on the rack with one sale sign and no other prices around. Of course the one we chose was an additional $5. The cashier insisted that “someone just put it down on the wrong shelf” - except why are there rows of this controller next to all the other ones on sale?

Yesterday, my husband and went to purchase a new Popsocket for my phone and while I was there I decided to purchase a new phone case, fully expecting to pay $50 for one. While looking at the cases, there was a row of one style with an electronic price tag that said it was on clearance for $8.99. The description on the tag matched the case, and there were several of the same case on the same row under the tag.

I then grabbed a light pink pop socket from a $9.99 price tag with the description “blush”. I’ll admit that this was the only one on that row and there were 10+ empty rows for pop sockets.

Going to check out the phone case rang up $24.99 and the pop socket $15.99. The cashier went back and looked at the tags with me and agreed that they should match the price. This is when the Asst manager Austin comes over and says no. He said that they were in the wrong place and someone just put it in the wrong spot. That would be a reasonable explanation for the pop socket; however, there was a row of the phone cases! Even the phone case on Best Buy’s website showed $20.99 and was less than the store charged. I asked him to honor the $12 difference on the phone case from their website price down to the tag display. He refused and said no I’m not doing that soooooo... and just stared at me. When I asked to speak to the manager, he insisted he was the store manager until I pointed out his name tag clearly stated assistant manager. He then refused to provide me the managers card and said I could come in tomorrow. After more questioning, he finally gave me his personal card and the managers name. At this point, I do not trust Best Buy. It seems that Best Buy is intentionally putting products under signage/price tags and then charging a few more dollars for it. I’m sure many people don’t notice and don’t realize the scam they are falling victim to. The fact that this store wouldn’t bite on $12 despite the fact that between my husband and I we have spent almost $4000 the past year. We purchase all of our home appliances and phones through Best Buy year after year, and we will not be returning. My husband will also be closing his Best Buy credit card. All because of your stores dishonesty, poor service, and ultimate decision to show us that $12 is more important than our business. I am also considering reporting this store to the county Weights and Measures department for their pricing practices.
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Re: Terrible Service again and again

Welcome to the Best Buy forums AshleighDE-


Being service with anything short of the expert service we strive for would certainly be upsetting, to say the least, and we appreciate you letting us know about this!  I could certainly understand your frustrations with the pricing you’re seeing on the shelves at a local store you frequent and I do apologize for these inconvenience.


Our stores should be doing everything in our power to make sure their inventory matches their price tags that are being displayed.  During the busy holiday period, it is possible things are getting rearranged, but having multiple obstacles that you’ve endured, is certainly something I’d like to take a closer look into.


Please click the blue button in my signature line below to send your private message to me that contains your full name, phone number, email address, and any customer service PIN’s showing these price differences.  I’d be more than willing look into this closer with the hope of a better shopping experience here soon!



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