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Terrible Customer Servive

In December 2021 I spent $5000 upgrading our entertainment system and decided to give Best Buy that business. As a Christmas gift my wife gave me a $500 4K DVD player to finish off the system. A few days after that purchase the DVD player went on sale for $100 cheaper and have been trying to get that refund for over 2 months now.


We have placed at least 8 phone calls to customer service and everytime we are speaking with someone in Panama or Mexico who shows no record of our previous call and starts the refund process all over again, the last Best Buy rep we actually spoke to said we would be getting a refund in the form of Best Buy gift card. After I stopped laughing I said "not a chance why would I want to give that money right back to Best Buy" She also said she showed Best Buy had actually canceled the previous request for the refund, now we simply get hung up on.  We spent our hard earned money with Best buy and they were extremely happy to take it with no issues at all but now that they have to honor a price match they clearly advertise and they make it as difficult as possible hoping that people will just forget about it.


I'm not going to forget about this and I'm now on a mission to let as many people know about this as possible, Our local news media has a Trouble Shooting hotline for just these situations that they broadcast on TV. Thats my next phone call

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Re: Terrible Customer Servive

Hello, jonitza1204 


Thanks for connecting with us. First, I want to thank you for being an elite plus member with and a valued customer. Certainly, I can understand the way you may be feeling with the difficulties for a Price Match (PM). It's never meant to be difficult to get in contact and receive the support needed. This is far from the level us service we strive to provide over the phone or in store. 


Private message me using the blue button next to my name with the following information to get started I would love to take a further look into your concern. 

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