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Terrible Customer Service

Went in today to return a couple of Nintendo Switch systems which were brand new in the box still, and found out that they were past the return date by a few days. The customer service rep at the geek squad was friendly and quick to help, as was his co-worker who was assisting him. Because of the lapsed time for returning the Nintendo switches they called a manager to assist. The manager approached the register aggressively. He inspected the items and then proceeded to go on a rant to me and I quote "As a small business owner I have experience and I can choose to accept or deny a return based on our policy". He did not ask any questions or approach me with any respect at all. They then opened the Nintendo switch boxes, which were unopened at the time and I said to them "if you open that you have to take it back because I didn't open them". I said this not realizing that the nintendo switch has no seal tape so you can open them and close them without anyone knowing. In an effort to apologize I said "OH there is no sealing tape, I see why you opened them" He then retorted, yeah we see that too, and we can choose to deny after the return date no matter if I open this or not. I finally had enough, I told him to stop chirping at me, I have had a good attitude this entire time and he responded "I am sorry you feel that way" which shows right there that he did not take me serious or show any kind of professionalism at all. I took my receipt and left the store.


Ultimately, you shouldn't lecture a customer on anything as a hired employee, I don't need to hear about your private business and personal life because I want to return something at Best Buy. He did this knowingly while holding the items as leverage for our conversation. If you accept it or don't, just say why and do it. 

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Re: Terrible Customer Service

Good evening, ry99,


Welcome to our Community, and thank you for sharing your experience with us.


Using the information you’ve provided upon registering to our Support Forums, I see you’ve also reached out to us through our Twitter account, and it looks like my colleague, Alyssa, was able to step in and offer some assistance.  In order to save you the trouble of working with the same team through two different channels, I recommend continuing to work with us through Twitter, so we might address any concerns you might have. 



SeanM|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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