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Terrible Customer Service - Holmdel NJ Store

Terrible customer service at the Holmdel Store in New Jersey.

Monday (2/24)I went to the store. I purchased an IPad Mini 256gb, a case and the Pencil 1. The iPad was not in stock, so the sales associate told me he could have it shipped to my home next day (2/25), or in store pickup for a Friday (2/28). Not knowing if someone would be home on 2/25 to receive the iPad if shipped, I opted for in store pickup.

Tuesday (2/25), I went to my email to click the link in order to check the status of my order. When I was brought to the Best Buy site from the link in my receipt email, I was notified that it would be ready for pickup on 3/4. I found this unacceptable and decided to go back in to the store and exchange for the 64gb mini that was in stock.

When I arrived at the store, I went to the Tablet / computer section first. After about 4 mins I was approached by a sales associate. I explained what happened the day prior and what my intention was. Associate never made eye contact and immediately checked his handheld device. He verified the 64gb was in stock, retrieved it and brought me up to customer service.

Once at “customer service,” the same associate started asking about the return to the Service associate that was there. I explained to the sales associate I never spoke with anyone in customer service and no return / exchange / refund occurred. The sales associate then started to ring me up for the new IPad, letting me know that u now owed another $400plus for the new IPad. I explained a third time that this was an exchange, and my card should be credited. At the third time explaining this, my voice became escalated. The sales associate threw his hands up and walked away.

The service associate then stepped in as he was finishing with another customer. I explained a fourth time what happened and what I was trying to do. He started to process the exchange, but it was clear he was uncertain exactly how to process the request. He excused himself and walked into the back for guidance. He came out with what I believe was a Geek Squad member. I’m unsure, because despite stepping in to assist, he never made contact or greeted me. The GS Member started to look in to processing the exchange and was able to cancel the initial order of the 256gb. I know this because he was explaining it to the service associate, not me. The GS member then walked back and forth, holding my receipt, and appeared to be looking for someone else to assist. Again, never explained to me. He eventually came back and told the service associate to call the manager to “tender” the exchange. Service associate stated the manager left. GS member then stated to call someone else to approve. 8 mins later, another store associate walked in to customer service. The GS member explained to this new store associate what happened, regularly referring to myself as “the guy” as if I wasn’t standing 2 feet in front of him. New store associate was unable to assist and walked away. Another ten minutes later, a supervisor arrived at customer service. GS member again explained what occurred, calling me “the guy” and not making any direct contact with me (instead of calling me the customer, or the gentleman with the increasingly frustrated look, or making any attempt to speak like an employee to a shopper in their store). The supervisor as well said nothing to me. He was able to direct the exchange, but needed a couple of times to explain to the service associate how to do this. Service associate finishing up the transaction then asked about finance options. I explained how this was confusing to me as this should have just been a credit to my account. Service associate replied with oh, “just hit No thanks then.” Supervisor then stepped in to explain to me that the refund needed to be put back on the card it was purchased with. This explanation seemed odd, because as it had been conveyed several times over, that what I was trying to do in the first place. But when the transaction was complete, I was handed the exchange receipt. I asked for my original as well due to other purchase on it. The service associate handed me a receipt, one which I found while walking away was not mine at all . I then walked back to customer service and again asked for MY original receipt. The supervisor who was still standing there, suggested I take the exchange receipt as well (only contact between him and I) oblivious to the fact that it was in my hand in direct eye line.

This is the 3rd instance of poor service in the last year on big ticket items. One of which resulted in a flat out refund on a washer and dryer purchase / delivery a few months back. This is my first time posting in this forum however. The lack of customer service that I’ve seen, and hear from peers, has led me to search out some form of customer satisfaction with Best Buy. Which in and of itself seems silly to have to do. Search out customer satisfaction. The only good thing I can say at this point about Best Buy is the financing options on their card, but once this purchase is payed off, I’ll seriously be considering keeping the card or cancelling it out.
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Re: Terrible Customer Service - Holmdel NJ Store

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Good afternoon, cabutkowski,


Welcome to our forums, and thank you for sharing your feedback with us.  While I’m glad the associates at our Holmdel, NJ store were able to get your iPad exchange processed for you, it’s disappointing to hear it took explaining your request four times to get it completed.


We can’t hope to improve the level of service we’re able to provide our customers without feedback like this, and I appreciate you taking the time to call our attention to this visit.  Please know our Support Forums are moderated out of our Corporate Headquarters here in Richfield, MN, so you’ve certainly come to the right place to share your feedback, and I’m optimistic your next shopping experience with us will end on a more positive note.


Thank you,

SeanM|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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