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Tech support refund

I have had the worst experience in the last 3 weeks. I repeatedly told meisha from the San Bruno Best Buy I did not want tech support! I purchased a pro for $1400 -$ 100 student discount and added apple care for $269 She took about 5-10 minutes trying to convince me to get tech support after I told her each time I did not want it! Finally I said I don’t want to max out my credit card even though I knew I had more than enough funds to cover the entire purchase I didn’t want to max it out for credit reasons(decrease in credit score) which is none of her business my point is I didn’t want tech support. well she says let me see your card. I hand it to her CONFUSED as to why she even wanted it and charges my card and says “here I got it to go through” me thinking duh! I then ask is that with tech support? And she says yes!! I was so annoyed by her and after 10 minutes standing there I just wanted to get out of there! She knew I did not want it and then proceeds to tell me if I want to cancel it I can just call the number!! Before I go on I want to let you know she didn’t have my permission to charge my card with tech support!!!! So the fun part begins; I call to cancel tech support, transfer calls to receive my refund they say it will be 7-10 days we’ll that came and nothing. I called and they said oh sorry there’s been a delay 7-10 more days... well then I get a voicemail saying we can only issue you a gift card!! Why? I purchased with my credit card How does that make since! Oh heck no I want my money back in my Best Buy credit card! So I call back and they say they will issue me a refund!!!!! Well I have not gotten a refund so I call Best Buy San Bruno explain to William what happened and said I receive a call back from a manager! Well two days later I get a call back from meisha asking why I’m accusing her of pretty much “stealing” she took my card from me and charged it. I never accused her of stealing but I was uncomfortable with her charging MY CREDIT CARD. She said she would only give me back $43 of my $200 because she gave me discounts! Well the only discount was for apple care so it should have went from $215 to $269 and gotten $143 back from $200. She said no you cannot use a student discount on your lap top something about double dipping? I don’t even know what that means. I called back and an employee named geino helped me and said that I could get the $100 student discount and I should receive $143 back onto my credit card and meisha should be giving me a call back. She’s trying to take my student discount away from what I feel is out of spite! Well it’s been over 24hrs and she hasn’t called me back! I’ve called several times to speak with anyone at this point and no one is transferring me to a manager and not giving me a call back! Last person I spoke to was someone named at the San Bruno location. She said she would give my info to geino but never got a call back. I don’t want to deal with meisha anymore I want a store manager to speak with and I would like my money back! It’s $143 not a couple dollars. I just want my money back in my credit card!
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Re: Tech support refund

Hello, Yex,


Thanks for joining us here on the Best Buy Forums, and welcome to the community. We always appreciate hearing from our customers, but I certainly wish we were meeting under different circumstances. Unauthorized charges are something we take quite seriously. If you did not give your consent for the Total Tech Support to be added to the transaction, we’d definitely want to look further into what took place, and determine the status of your refund.


When you have a moment, please send us a private message. You can do this by selecting the darker blue box next to my name below. Be sure to include your full name, email address, and telephone number. Anyone on our team should be able to access your purchase history with those details.



Sarah|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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