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Stores unwilling to admit fault

On 11/17 I purchased a TV through the Lease program offered by bestbuy in store in collegeville pa. This TV delivery was then rescheduled twice until after the holiday. A service representative contacted me about the 2nd reschedule and then said they would be able to swap out the current model tv for a close comparison model around the same price. The only close model was the Samsung QN900A 65". This would have to be done in store though bc they cannot process the lease over the phone. Went back into the store i purchased it at and instead of an exchange the blue shirt canceled my order and then was unable to process the the new TV for pickup at the warehouse location. When the store manager came to assist he then after seeing the price match discount decided to bring a new problem that wasn't an issue before in saying the system itself would not let them sell me the TV for the same price as my other TV that the just canceled and could now no longer order. Instead he said my only option would be to go to a different store with the QN900A for sale as an open box item and purchase the tv there. After driving 2 hrs to get to the other location the store manager at the Montgomeryville PA location proceeded to tell me after listening to my current experience that he would be crazy to sell the current tv I was asking about for the price listed, questioned the other stores sale about who they price matched the prior tv purchased to in order to get the price shown on my receipt, that anything the customer service line agents said was all lies and that he would not honor what they had promised and that no one was going to tell him how to run his store and what to sell a tv for. That I was crazy for seeking this current tv at the price promised (on a recorded call by a best buy rep) and then proceeded to laugh at me and belittle me for my use of the lease program offered by Best buy, my lack of knowledge about the current models year and the former years model which was purchased on clearance for 2250 and price matched to 2200. Was told by the Store manager Jim that he doesn't have to price match or honor anything from any other best buy location or competitor if he doesn't want too and that I should call the 1888Bestbuy number for a resolution after just being told they sent me to that store and then himself saying he wouldn't honor anything they said anyways.
So now I have had no TV for the holiday bc bestbuy messed up and couldn't deliver on time, canceled my order and then couldn't get the replacement bc 2 store managers were worried more about their Christmas sales figures and bonus than actually assisting a customer they just screwed over. This is atrocious customer support. Discrimination against anyone for how they choose to pay for an item is illegal and yet seems to be common practice amongst your managers. I've spent over 20 hours of my time asking for assistance with this matter and gotten nowhere.
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Re: Stores unwilling to admit fault

Good morning, DFrost!


Thank you for joining our community here on the Best Buy Forum. I have personally been watching my TV more than I care to admit lately, so I can understand wanting to get this resolved ASAP. I am happy to take a closer look! To start, please send a private message with your full name, phone number, and email address. You should be able to do this by clicking on the blue button to the right of my signature. 



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