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Store response to my exchange today made me profoundly regret having spent thousands at BestBuy.

I was under the false impression that Best Buy did care about their costumers, and for that reason or trusted my high tech purchases to them instead of the online giants. I do know and have read the return and restocking fees for BestBuy, and i did agree to them when i made each and every one of my purchases, but today, best buy lost me as a costumer forever. I am so mad at the way they hadled my situation, that am paying off the balance i have in my Best buy credit card as soon as the next bill arrives, and next day i'm calling City to have them close my account as i won't be using it ever again.

I am a professional photographer, and a couple of days ago saw that Best Buy had a  good sale on the Nikon Z7 mirrorless cameras, I had purchased a Z6 a little less than a month ago, and didn't know that the Z7 would be on sale, so i visited the store and ask them to exchange the Z6 i had bought for the Z7 ($1000) dollars more. They were happy to have me spending all that money with them, and simply charged me the difference and sold me the much more expensive Z7 camera. That was 3 days ago. This morning, I received notice that a professional contract i had with a company to be their head protographer has been postponed. That means that i'm out of that Job, and i now have a very expensive camera i bought for it sitting there in its box without any use and brand new, and nothing to justify the expense of such a pricey camera. So i visited the store again, and talked to the cotumer service representative at the returns department, and explained what had happened. I also told him that i didn't want to return the camera, i just wanted to exchange it back to the Z6 which is a little less expensive and i wanted to be fair, cause in the end, is not Best Buy's fault that i lost my job contract, so i just wanted to exchange the brand new untouched Z7 for the Z6. 

As soon as i was done explaining, the guy told me, yeah but you still have to pay the 15% restocking fee. I understand the rules, but in my case, the camera is brand new untouched, and the box on these cameras doesn't come with any seal, so, doesn't matter that i didn't touch the camera, they still assume i did and charge me. Funny thing is that they want to keep the $420 dollars of the restocking fee, and then they'll resale the camera cause is brand new and not defective. They were not loosing anything, because the camera is brand new and doesn't need to be sent back to the manufacturer, and they would have sold me the Z6 for $1800 and gained my trust and respect for many years to come, but not all managers think the same way, some are just there to make their wages and couldn't care any less about keeping a costumer.

I have determined that i will just let best buy keep the brand new camera and the $420 restocking fee, and i will purchase my Z6 from any other reseller online who actually respect and value their costumers. Best Buy is making $420 dollars for free with me now, but it is the last money they'll ever make with me. All the elite plus memebership is just a make believe, they don't care and or respect anyone. I have seen managers override prices, restcoking fees and much more right before my eyes at the stores, but i'm not their friends, and the whole process is selective. This is how you loose costumers one by one Best Buy, I know that my desition of not using best buy ever again is not of any relevance to them, but one buy one, costumers get to the point where they need the store's help, and they just don't have it. By the way, this happened at the 5019 South Cleveland Ave. Fort Myers, FL 33907 

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Re: Store response to my exchange today made me profoundly regret having spent thousands at BestBuy.

While I don’t feel the way they presented the news was appropriate, the information they provided is accurate. Unfortunately camera gear is one of the most commonly “rented” items in retail, and was added to the list to discourage this behavior. Even when presenting news that may be disheartening, store employees should always provide it in a polite manner.
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Re: Store response to my exchange today made me profoundly regret having spent thousands at BestBuy.

Good morning, rfar34687,


Welcome to our forums, and thank you for sharing your feedback with us.  It looks like jdogg836 has provided a response explaining the restocking fee, however, I would like to echo the sentiments of their post.  Regardless of what information is being shared, we do expect our associates to provide information to our customers in a respectful manner, and I apologize if this was not the case during your visit to our Fort Myers, FL store.


As it sounds like you’re aware, DSLR and mirrorless cameras have a restocking fee of 15%, as outlined in our Return & Exchange Promise.  While it sounds like this news has led you to question your future with Best Buy, I do hope you’ll consider shopping with us again for your future technology needs.



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