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Store complaint

Hello Best Buy Support,

I was wondering if I could perhaps get the regional managers information for your store in Florence Kentucky. I had made a 400$ purchase at your store. Something went wrong with your system and I was refunded for the full amount a few days later. So I essentially received free product. I called the store to let them know there was a mistake and they were immediately very accusatory. They let me know that I had stolen goods and that I had to immediately pay for it. I have receipts showing I paid for it along with Bank statements showing the money was taken out and then refunded, so I didn't mind paying for the items. I ended up fixing everything with a representative that was a lot more pleasant to speak with but it really gave me a bad impression of the previous representatives. I really dont feel comfortable shopping there now because of the experience so I would like to bring this up to a regional manager of possible. If anything I think perhaps the agent that originally helped me might need more training. After all I was really helping out your company when I could have just kept the free product.

Thank you!
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Re: Store complaint

Wow, I’m sorry. Glitches in the system can happen, mistakes can be made, and these things can cause inadvertent refunds. If I was ever looking at this sort of loss to my store, and the customer called in to make good on paying what was owed, I would be grateful and make it as painless as possible.

As an employee and stockholder, I would like to thank you for your honesty and coming forward to straighten that out. As for Regional Managers, they don’t have a customer-facing contact that you can be provided with. If you give the Moderator team here a few days, they can take down your concerns at the Corporate Headquarters as well as provide feedback to the right members of the management teams in charge of the Florence location.
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Re: Store complaint

We ended up going back to the store and spoke with Adam the store manager and got everything settled. We really appreciate the response! Adam was wonderful and really reassured us that this would be addressed. We are glad to continue to be long time customers of yours every employee there is often very helpful so we appreciate Adam taking the time to hear us out!
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Re: Store complaint

Hello Nancyh,


We're very happy to hear Adam was able to take care of your concern. We appreciate you reaching out to us for assistance and apologize for any delays in response. Please feel free to reach out once more should the need arise.

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