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Store Return

Good Morning, 


I am in need of some assistance. Earlier this year around May I bought a ktichen aid range, hood, and shortly after I bought kitchen aid wall oven. We are currently in a remodel of our home hence the purchases. We later found out that neither would fit. I had the range returned and was awarded credit back to my account. Before we returned the wall oven we decided to purchase a thermador and with that purchase the wall oven was put as a collateral. We again found out that the thermador would not fit. I had the order cancelled for the thermador leaving me a kitchenaid wall oven. This is where the confusion starts. I went to Best Buy and wanted them to pick up the wall oven so I could have that removed from my card. So, the only remaining purchase should be the hood that I have purchased. Well, the intial pickup went to my parents house and they don't even have the wall oven. They even stated they were there to pick up a sink. I then returned to Best Buy to sort this out. They admitted it was a mistake and had to manually put in another pickup date for the wall oven. They picked up the wall oven on the 22nd of July around 2pm. I expected when they picked up the wall oven a credit would be put back on my account. My account still shows the wall oven and has not been credited. I have submitted a dispute per the direction of Best Buy employees but with the amount of purchases it's impossible to determine wich one. The dispute team did credit $58 to the account but I paid close to $3800 on the wall oven. I have been a Best Buy member for a very long time and have spend a lot of money. I simply want the credit applied to my account since I no longer have the wall oven. I am not sure what direction to take next but this has been a true frustration and complete mess. Any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks. 

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Re: Store Return

Hi, jessesly,


Thank you for reaching out and welcome to our Forum! Remodeling your home is a big deal, so I understand needing the perfect appliances for your new kitchen. Waiting this long for a refund is not okay and I too would be bringing this to attention.


I would be happy to take a closer look into this and see how I can help. To start, please send me a private message with your full name, phone number, email and order number.

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