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Store Purchase Experience

I went into the Wyomissing, PA store to purchase a TV. My friend wasn't happy with the TCL Roku one I picked out online, so we went into the store specifically so she could check the operation of the set to see if she liked it. Of the 4 employees standing around watching the TV's, none could help. A few minutes later, another employee asked if he could help us. I asked for the remote for a TV she was interested in and he said they didn't have one. I asked if they were locked up, couldn't he go get it and he said they have them at all.
I have to ask what is the reason to even have a B&M location if you can only look at the merchandise? I wasn't there to compare and go buy online, we wanted to buy in store. In fact Amazon matched your prices on both TV's I wanted to see, but you didn't even have the Toshiba Fire TV in stock, so we settled for the Insignia. I could have bought it on Amazon, had it delivered for drop in either 1 or 2 days and received 5% back in cash, not a certificate that can only be used in Best Buy.
I think it's terribly wasteful to throw away or get rid of remotes that you'll need when you sell the display models. Or was he lying because he was too lazy to get them out?
This experience was almost as bad as the one last year when I bought an "open box" laptop, supposedly in excellent condition, only to receive it without the charger, accessories and even the original box, but when I exchanged the TCL TV, they made sure everything was in the box, including the 4small screws for the feet.
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Re: Store Purchase Experience

Hi, Voyager62,

Thanks for joining our online community, and for taking the time to share your experience with us.


With all of the options that are available for tech these days, I can understand how it would be advantageous to visit a store and make sure that something fits your needs prior to completing your purchase. I know that I work hard to save up my money, and I want to make sure that I'm making an informed decision prior to committing to a large purchase, such as a TV. I apologize that the remote for the specific TV you came to look at was not available. We appreciate your feedback on this.

If you find that the TV ultimately does not fit your needs, please know that we do offer a Return & Exchange Promise so that you can either return the TV or exchange it for a different model.


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Re: Store Purchase Experience

Thanks for the reply. The Insignia TV is fine. It's just that I don't know who makes Insignia, so the Toshiba brand seems like it would be better quality. I am satisfied with the 39" Toshiba TV I bought at Best Buy 4 years ago and thought that would be the better of the two we were looking at.


Buying in the store should be more informative than just looking at an item without being able to touch it. I can do that online. In fact, you can usually find more information than is available in the store, including the full manuals, reviews and opinions. There are even detailed photos of all the connectors on the back, which you can't even see on the TV's on display in the store and probably wouldn't be allowed to move.


The one thing you usually can't do online is to interactively explore the features and, most importantly for TV's, to see the actual quality of the picture. I bought my Toshiba because it had the brightest picture. My TV faces a window with direct sunlight in the afternoon and most TV's were too dim.


If you're only allowed to look at the TV's in the store, you might as well just sell them on Amazon, especially since you have a 30 day return policy on Amazon (Items shipped from Best Buy purchased on can be returned within 30 days of receipt of shipment) without having to be an Elite member.


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Re: Store Purchase Experience



We do sincerely appreciate the feedback, and I totally understand how important it is to be able to view a TV in person. Especially when you have unique circumstances such as a bright window right on your TV.


I'm glad to hear that you have been enjoying the Insignia TV so far. If there is anything else we can assist with, please send us a Private Message. 

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