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Store Experience - Hialeah, FL

I went over to the BestBuy store closest to my location this morning to purcahse and iPhone 12 Pro Max MageSafe case for my new phone.  I thought this would be an in and out thing since I saw on the app that the item was in stock.  When I walked in the store I went over to the phone case sections and it was not there, no problem I walked over to the Apple Section and stood there for help.  I saw a few asscoaites walking by (male with glasses and a beard) and I asked one who can help me finding the case, the resposne was "i'm not on the clock".  At this point I went back to the entrance of the and asked the young lady Yesenia if she knew where I could find the case.  Yesenia said I had to be put on a list for assitance, OK this was great, at least I knew I was going to find help.  Yesenia put my name on the list and I asked her how long was the wait for how many people were in front of me.  I was not in a rush but if it was going to take over and hour I would rather just buy it on my phone and have it brought to my car.  Yesenia responded, "I have no clue I I can't that information".  She told me to go to the mobile section and wait which was right behind her.  As I was waiting there I looked a the screen and could clearly see who was waiting for assitance at the store.  I was a little bothered at this point and confused as why service was so poor at this location.  I waited about 5 minutes and a very nice assocaite Samantha, came right over and walk about 5 steps to the phone case.  


This type of scenaerio usually doesn't bother me but it seems to be a pattern at this location.  I have been to two other BestBuy stores in the last few weeks and it was the complete opposite and a pleaseant experience each time.