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Store #235

I apologize in advance for such a long letter. My name is Veronica and I'm writing in efforts to obtain a resolution to my customer service grievance. On Oct 16 I returned an Apple IWatch at store #235. The original purchase was done on 10/14 for a price of $179.99. The watch was having difficulties pairing with my phone so I returned it. As I was returning it a Geek Squad representative offered to assist with my phone. I completed my return, went over to the representative's desk to watch her complete what she was doing. When she was done, she advised it was fixed and there wouldn't be a problem pairing it....I walked back to customer service and asked to purchase the same watch I had just returned. The cashier rang up the watch, but needed an override for the reduced price. She called over her assistant manager. He opened the box, looked through it and advised there was nothing missing from the box so they price was wrong. I told him we purchased the watch as we returned it and was only trying to buy it back. He stated that I could, but has increased the price to $283.99. I asked him why and he explained, "because there’s nothing missing from it" and apparently the original store I bought it from should not have reduced the price.


The equipment I returned was sold to me and returned exactly the same. If the original store reduced the price for whatever reason, I bought it as such and simply wanted to buy it back. The assistance manager I spoke to actually agreed that if I had returned the equipment incomplete, that he could sell it for the lower price. Since it was returned as "open box" the price was actually reduced to $164.99. I believe I should be able to buy back my return without a price difference. Especially because it was the same equipment on the same date.


Also the assistant manager I spoke with was not helpful. He did not consider that the equipment was originally sold to me as it was returned, that I waited in store then was asked to come back when the equipment has been re inventoried to repurchase it and was not able to purchase the equip at the same price it has just been returned for. An issue a lot of people would be very upset about. I asked to speak to his supervisor/manager and he advised he was on vacation until next Tues. I requested his supervisors contact information. He wrote down this supervisor's name and phone number. I did actually buy the phone at the higher price. He stood behind the cashier watching her complete my transaction and walked away. He never apologized or acknowledged the fact that I was upset. I called the supervisor's phone number that was provided in hopes of leaving at least a voicemail so he was aware of how upset and dissatisfied I was, but it turned out it was the store's main number. I was not able to reach his supervisor directly. I asked to speak to him again, he stated that he told me his supervisor was on vacation until next Tues and I wouldn't have been able to speak to him until then. I advised that he could've at least advised his supervisor did not have a direct extension and I would have to go through the routing system and ask for him by name.


My ultimate goal is to receive a refund for the price difference between my original and second purchase of the same equipment and any additional consideration/compensation would be appreciated. I am completely dissatisfied with this experience. The return and subsequent purchase of the same equip for over $100 price increase seems unfair. I am dissatisfied with the lack of customer service the assistance manager provided. Hopefully addressing my concern this way would result in a satisfactory resolution.




Thank you for your time

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Re: Store #235

Good afternoon, Miasmom1,


Although I wish your visit to our forums were under more positive circumstances, I do appreciate you taking the time to join our Support Forums to share your feedback with us.


While I’m glad our Geek Squad agents were able to help you get your Apple Watch to sync with your phone, I’m sorry to hear the rest of your experience with our Corpus Christi, TX store was such a disappointing experience for you. We would certainly hope all our customers are leaving our stores satisfied with their purchase, and I apologize that wasn’t the case after your recent visit.


I’d like to look into your purchases for you further, but in order to do so, I must ask you provide me some additional information. To locate your purchases, I’ll need you to send me a private message with:


  • Your first and last name

  • Your phone number

  • The “Customer Service PIN” located at the bottom of your receipts

This should be enough information for me to look into these further for you. To send me a private message, you’ll want to click on the blue “Private Message” button located in my signature.


Hope to hear from you soon,

SeanM|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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