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Stolen curbside pick up IL - BBY won't resolve

To say that I am frustrated would be a significant understatement. How much more can BBY deny responsibility for faulty, non-secure pick-up procedures.


I ordered an Ipad online in late November for which Shipping was not an option - I had to do curbside pick up. I got a TXT and email that it was ready for pick up on 12/2 (Deer Park IL store). I couldn't go that day. A few hours before I was planning to pick it up on 12/3, I got a TXT that my pick-up was complete. I went to the store and they told me that it had been picked up - obviously by someone else. No, not a system glitch. Worse,  they said that my email account was probably compromised and that is how it happened. Hmmm... I asked how that is possible if they check IDs as is indicated on the BBY website, and they told me they no longer check IDs but give customers 4-digit codes instead. I never received any code. They told me they were not responsible for this and couldn't help, however this was no big deal, just to call 1888BBY for a refund "these things happen" - kind of an attitude.  By the way, small email did NOT get hacked. Not too far fetched to surmise what might have happened from the inside if they no longer check IDs....


I called 1888BBY on 12/3, and they said that I would be refunded and to check for my refund within the current and next billing cycle. Fast forward to 1/3/21 - still no refund in sight, I called 1888BBY again for an update - this time they told me that my "case" had been reviewed and the refund actually denied (wait, what??). "Only the store has the tools to handle these situations". They refused all responsibility and provided no help. They asked me to go back to the store and call law enforcement to the store to get the store to "handle" this... Remember that the store also took no responsibility, "just call 1888BBY for a refund"... REALLY?! 


Let me summarize, you allowed an IPAD I paid for to be stolen through your clearly non-secure curbside process (which incidentally does not match what BBY indicated on their website), then you refuse to refund me after telling me you would and I am the one who has to call law enforcement to your own store, with all the additional time and effort this will take? Not to mention going back into a physical store for what I expect will be a long period of time during the CV19 pandemic?? Absolutely surreal ... All I want is my refund for a product I paid for and did not get because of your non-secure processes. Not unreasonable, is it?

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Re: Stolen curbside pick up IL - BBY won't resolve

Hi, Jupiter20,


Thanks for reaching out to us about this situation. I am very sorry to hear that your order was picked up by someone else, and that you've been having a difficult time getting support for your refund here.


We certainly want our Curbside Pickup to go as smoothly as possible. Employees will ask for proof of identity using numerous methods.  They will rely on verbal or visual methods, so no exchange of cards or devices will be needed. 


It is not unreasonable to expect the product you paid for, or a refund in this situation as you did not get the product you paid for. I'd be happy to take a closer look into this situation and see what I can do to help. So that I can get started, please send us a private message with your full name, email, and phone number.




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