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Still waiting for refund over 10 days

I returned an item on 11/11 for $87.  After waiting over 7 days which is the written best buy POLICY! I called best buy to inquire about it, they said oh it's open call your bank it's on them.  Called my bank they said they have no notice of it and can only try to find it with a trace number from best buy.  I called best buy 800 line several times was put on hold for 30 minutes or more only to speak with someone who could barely speak english and appeared to be reading from a script, it was so frustrating I couldn't believe.  I called back several times hoping to get someone who could understand and help every time different people but who could barely speak or understand english.


Got so frustrated went to the store.  GUESS what, they calledk the same 800 number! unbelievable they couldn't even help me in person.  Was in the store over an hour, while they were on the phone trying to get someone to understand them, then they handed the phone to me.  I had to explain my own situation AGAIN, while I am actually in the store.  The lady had a thick accent again and kept putting me on hold for long periods of time.  Finally came back and said it's open, I said yeah I know it's been over the 7 daya, if it's open give me a trace number so I can give to my bank.  We don't have a trace number.  Ok, when am I going to get my refund next business cycle.  ok, what is a business cycle- her-3 to 4 weeks!!!!!  What are you kididng me!!! Where is the policy written!!!


Best buy "It' ISN'T The policy of a business cycle isn't event written.  Me-maam so what r ut alking about, her after almost 30 minbutes, that's just the way it is.  I can't show you the policy!!!  What, r u kidding me.  Her it's just somehting internal, it's just the way it is.  By this time she's short with me.

So here I am without my refund and some bogus made up policy, that they don't even have in writing of 3-4 weeks!!!  and I had to go into the local store to find this out, got off the phone told the local store, corporate is making up policies they can't even show me.  They replied yeah I know, I don't know what they're talking about, there's nothing we can do!!!


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Re: Still waiting for refund over 10 days

Hello, moorera –


Thank you for choosing Best Buy for your purchase. I’m sorry to hear that you decided the item wasn’t working out and returned it. It’s even more frustrating to hear that you may not be seeing your refund on your end yet. I apologize that our teams over the phone at (888) 237-8289 and in-store weren’t able to help you get an update on this matter. We’d be happy to see what light we can shed on this for you.


As our Return & Exchange Promise shares we’d refund you back to the original form of payment, but depending on your financial institution it can take to 7 days to see that on your end. Thank you for letting us know that you’re still not seeing your refund. Can you please send us a private message with your full name, phone number, email address, and the customer service pin off of your return receipt? A private message can be sent to us by choosing the blue button in my signature. Once we have those details we can see how we might be able to assist you further at this time. We look forward to your reply!



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