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Spratanburg SC Best Buy Apathetic Manager and Employees, Wrong part given.

Waited 30 minutes before walking over to employee on ladder to ask request. Waited ANOTHER 20 minutes before the store manager showed up to assist with a stereo harness. Employee made excuses instead of taking responisbility for the lack of support for what should have been a 3 minute transaction. In the end, after all that drama, the manager went into get the harness, picked up the first one that roughly fit what I requested and only apologiized AFTER I asked that I get an apology. Horrible customer dynamics and in the end, I was given the WRONG harness after all that. Avoid this place like the PLAGUE.

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Re: Spratanburg SC Best Buy Apathetic Manager and Employees, Wrong part given.

it certainly appears you didn't receive the help you were looking for when you stopped into this location looking for a stereo harness.  Realizing I cannot erase the past or go back in time, I would like to see how I can assist you in finding the correct harness to your vehicle. 

if you wish to let me help, please provide your vehicle, year, make, and model.  Please let me know if you have any premium sound from the factory such as Bose, Infinity, or Symphony.  Hope to hear back from you soon!

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Re: Spratanburg SC Best Buy Apathetic Manager and Employees, Wrong part given.

Hi, diamondstar2jz,


Thanks for reaching out and sharing your experience! 


That certainly doesn't sound like you received the proper help you needed and I'm sorry to hear that you had a pretty poor experience. We always want to do what we can to help out, so please just let us know what that is. We can also verify that you get the correct harness you need by providing that information autotech796 had mentioned. 


Happy to help!

Cameron|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Spratanburg SC Best Buy Apathetic Manager and Employees, Wrong part given.

A little too little too late......The whole reason behind being able to go to a "Big Box" store is that while I might have to pay a bit more for "same day" conveneince that you SHOULD be able to provide with no drama....It seems this was not the case and as a result, was a complete waste of my time. I have since ordered the harness from Amazon....Who got it right...the first time.....sending it thru a mail medium like USPS, UPS. or FEDEX. So it wasn't just the apathy of your employees AND management that gobsmacked me.....It was the incompetence and the unwillingness to LISTEN to the customer...Being me. I come from a car audio/home entertainment background from many years ago and could have walked up to your car stereo counter and pointed at the correct harness without creating any liablilty issues as was described to me as the excuse for why that was not allowed......As a matter of fact....That was the theme of my experience....Excuses from the Top Down. SO. Let me now express a saying that has stuck with me all these years as I now am an IT professional with customers of my own.......A happy customer will tell 1-3 people about a positive experience while a dissatisfied customer will tell between 9-15 people about their experience. Multiply that statistic to a power of 10 and you'll be close. Turns out that the Internet can be a great equalizer for that.