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Spider-Man PS4 Pro Preorder

I preordered the SM PS4 Pro and did In Store Pickup. (Order is a guest order)

The status currently reads “preparing”.

What does this mean? Will I be able to pick up my order tomorrow? Would the game be available in the morning or afternoon?

Does “preparing” mean that the console is already at the store? If it’s not then I’m really worried about being able to pick it up on release date.
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Re: Spider-Man PS4 Pro Preorder

Preparing means it is not ready for pick up or shipping.


If you were having it shipped the next status would be to indicate it is ready for pick up then picked up etc.


For in store pick up it will not change to ready before the store opens tomorrow.


You should receive an email either some time tonight or tomorrow morning. 


I have ordered a number of things for in store pick up and have never had an issue.


Enjoy your Pro 

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