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Specific issue needing to contact store, not taking calls. Ridiculous.

I have a very specific store related issue and I can't even get in touch with them. I brought back a TV given to me as a gift, intending to exchange to a larger size. I basically needed to just do an exchange and I would pay the difference. At the store they told me the easiest way was to process a return for a store credit, then pick out the TV I wanted and do a whole new transaction. Odd, but fine. The store employee looked up the original order from the person who gifted it to me, then refunded their credit card and was taking the TV from me. Even after I explained the situation and what I wanted to do. Apparently the solution was to process some sort of request form to their corporate to have the refund process to the original purchaser cancelled, then they could issue me the store credit. The catch? It would take 24-48 hours and they had to take the TV in their possession in the meantime and could not issue me any credit. So they stole from me, plain and simple. I gave them a brand new TV and left with nothing in my hands. Leads us to why I need to make this keyboard warrior post. The employee told me to call the next day to get a status update. Okay, HOW?!


After calling and speaking with someone I thought was from the actual store, who I had to explain the situation to 3 separate times, I realized I was on the phone with a customer call center who had no control over anything. The store is 25 minutes from my house, do I really have to drive 25 minutes to get an update to see if they are going to rectify stealing from me? To then likely still leave empty handed. Absolutely ridiculous on all ends. From the way the local store is handling to this god awful business decision by Best Buy to not take calls to local stores. To say I'm fustrated is an understatement.

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Re: Specific issue needing to contact store, not taking calls. Ridiculous.

Hello, cjgold106,


Thank you for reaching out about this. We realize our customers may need to return or exchange merchandise, which is typically a seamless process. Considering this had been a gift, providing a Best Buy Gift Card or store credit would likely have been the most efficient option. If the funds were ultimately returned to the original form of payment, additional steps would have been necessary, in effort to reverse that action. I’m sorry the transaction was not processed in a way so that you could have left the store with the TV you preferred, and I understand why you’d be feeling this way. If you’re still in need of support, I’d be happy to see if I can help put you in touch with the store leaders.


To proceed, I will just need you to please send me a Private Message. To send a Private Message, simply select the darker blue icon, which is located across from my signature. For verification purposes, I would be required to confirm your full name, email address, and telephone number. Please be sure to send those details privately.



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