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Something has to give

Best Buy will have to make a choice…The BB in my town lost over $3000 in purchases this month because there weren’t enough people on the sales floor to address customers. I was ready to purchase a washer and dryer and other items but the one salesperson available in a neighboring department was too busy badgering a guy into buying some tech services contract when all he wanted was to buy a car stereo and have it installed. If you have ONE salesperson addressing the needs of many customers, maybe don’t have them shilling add-on service/warranty purchases while people stand and wait. The guy who only wanted a car stereo was annoyed, and so were all of the other people waiting for assistance. The short version is, if you’re going to direct your staff to spend an extra forty-five minutes selling extraneous things, you need more people available to assist customers.
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Re: Something has to give

Hello, TG2023,


Welcome to our Best Buy Support Forums! My time is valuable to me, so I can certainly understand not being able to get assistance with a purchase in a timely manner isn't ideal. 


I'd be happy to gather some additional details on this and ensure that the management at the store is aware of your feedback. Can you send me a private message with your full name, phone number, email address, and details on what store you visited and when? To send the private message, you can use the button in my signature below. 




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