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Someone tried to get a service using my card

I received a text from my bank saying that there was an unusual charge. Turns, out, someone tried to order a geek squad service using my card.


The matter has been handled and I am getting a new card but if Best Buy could do something about member number WBR00SA140154831957 having my email and old card number, I would appreciate it.



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Re: Someone tried to get a service using my card

Likely that was an auto renewal for Webroot.  If you purchased a computer or total tech support within the last year or two, this charge would have populated on an annual basis.  If you're no longer wishing for this service, please check out this link HERE!

It would depend on if your charge was digital or store purchased for you to call either Best Buy or the Geek Squad phone number.  Both should be able to transfer you to the other team (I would imagine).

Thanks for registering with the Best Buy forums, and good work and keeping an eye on your finances to spot a charge that you don't recognize.  That's very important in todays world it seems.

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