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Someone else picked up my PS5

On Friday January 15th, I had recieved an email stating that my in store order had been picked up for a Playstaion 5 and an extra controller at 2:46 pm from your Saginaw, MI store. I had immediately tried calling the store, however I was on hold for 2 hours and eventually hung up due to the duration of the phone call. I called your corporate office and they told me to go to the store. The store is an hour and a half from my house. Today January 18th, at 11 am I went to the store to talk to the manager. He could not find my order, checked the stock and nothing was there. I had not picked up the order on Friday because I was in school teaching at the time. He had told me he will be in contact with me regarding the incident. I would like a refund for the purchase that has been charged to my credit card however I never picked up the item. I now have a total of almost 6 hours into this incident between driving and phone calls with the company. I have disputed the charges on my credit card and want to make sure I will not be charged for the items that I was unable to attain because they were given to someone else and not by me. 


When I called your corporate number they have a case opened with their back department. Can I please get a direct line to the manager at the Saginaw store? I am currently on hold again trying to get in contact with that store. Supposedly acorrding to the manager, the call center in Flint, MI doesnt seem to be answering calls according to him. If I have to drive up to Saginaw again because the phones do not work, that will put my total time into this incident at 9 hours total and it is now becoming very frustrating. 


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Re: Someone else picked up my PS5

Hey, kbonk28,


Thanks for reaching out to us about your order. These PS5's were such a huge release this year, and I can certainly imagine the disappointment and frustration when your order was picked up by someone other than you! 


Further, spending any where near 9 hours to solve this issue is quite concerning. It doesn't sound like you've received the service that we strive for, and I'm so sorry to hear about this, and for any inconvenience that has occurred as a result.


I see that you've sent a private message, so I will be responding there shortly to get some additional details from you. I am happy to look into this and see what I can do to help! 




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