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Sold defective TV. Unable to replace

After month's of research I visited my local Green Bay, WI Best Buy on 2/23/19 to buy a new living room tv.  I was excited to buy a 65 inch 6 series that had some great reviews.  After purchasing the tv and loading it into my suv with the help of an employee, my girlfriend and I made the 5 minute drive home.  We moved my 70 inch tv to the movie room to make room for the new tv.  After carefully unloading unloading the tv, we proceeded to carefully unbox and set up the new tv.  Everything was a breeze. We carefully moved the tv to my stand and powered up. Immediately noticed part of screen was black and had lines in top right corner. Screen was perfect om outside.  Tried calling store but was unable to get off of hold for 20 min. So made short drive back to exchange tv.  Figured it was a defective fluke and exchange should be quick. After a short time wating a manager came over and asked the problem.  He then proceeded to accuse me of damaging the INSIDE of the tv and said it's ruined and I'm out of luck.  I cant even count how often we have set up and moved my other flat screens without damaging one. And we just moved my 70 inch a couple minutes before. I assured him we didn't cause the damage. He said it would be extremely rare it was deffective and damaged before buying. That tells me it's possible!! I've never heard of customer being accused of internal damage. I didn't even own it for an hour.  Manager said he'd be happy to help sell me another tv to buy.  His attitude was awful and kinda cocky. He said he'd make an exception and wave the recycling fee on my ruined tv just this one time.  I kept calm and left store. This is the worst customer service I've ever seen.  And I worked retail almost 10 years. I even rewatched the unboxing video and we did it perfectly. This Green Bay store and manager should be ashamed!!  As a lifelong customer, I will never shop here again unless something gets resolved. $844 down the drain. 



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Re: Sold defective TV. Unable to replace

Hi, RickMar,


Thanks for taking the time to share this experience with us, and welcome to our Best Buy Support Forum, we're glad you could make it!


I completely understand where you are coming from on this, as I would be quite upset as well if I had found that my new television was damaged out of the box. With this, we always hope that the interactions with our store teams are the best and I truly apologize if you had left more frustrated than arriving. I hope that we are able to look into this and help you out. 


For me to review your purchase, I’ll need you to provide me a few pieces of additional information via private message. You can use the blue “Private Message” button in my signature to send me the following information:


  • Your first and last name
  • Your phone number
  • Your email address
  • The “Customer Service PIN” located at the bottom of your receipt

With this, we can begin looking into this with you and hopefully come to a resolution. Thanks for taking the time to post this here with us, and for allowing us the opportunity to look into this further with you and help you out. I look forward to helping you out that best that I can.



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