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Serious Customer Service Concerns

Rude and aggressive management - inappropriate music.


I am not sure where Best Buy found the management for this store, but they really need to clean house. I was in the store on October 18 to pick up a few things and witnessed management employees raising their voices to two different customers. They were loud enough that everyone within 50 feet was looking to see what was going on. I was standing close enough to to hear most of what led up to the vocal altercations and instead of being the calming voice, the manager was the one actually being the aggressor and escalating the situation. At one point the woman manager loudly stated "I know what you you said, but you are not listening to me". At this point I could barley hear the customer. Within 60 seconds the woman called security to kick the customer out of the store. He hadn't even gotten anywhere close to the volume the manager reached.


When I finally got to the counter to check out, I was greeted by a song where the lyrics "Suck my (edited for Best Buy wesite)" was playing loudly and proudly. Thank goodness I didn't have my 9 year-old daughter with me.


I have no idea where they found this management team, but they really need to rethink all of the personnel decisions in this store. Rude management and vulgar songs being played loudly at the check out are not what the Best Buy brand is. I should know, I worked in their Enterprise Customer Care department at the corporate headquarters.

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Re: Serious Customer Service Concerns

Hello stupidquestions,


Welcome back to the Best Buy forums and thank you for bringing this matter up to our attention. I'm extremely disappointed to hear about what you witnessed at this store. As I'm sure you are aware having worked in our Enterprise Customer Care department, none of what may have occurred in that store during your visit is what we stand for nor what we strive to bring to our customers. We work hard to always put the customer first and crossing lines of that nature are not what we are about.


That being said, we will be making note of this at our Corporate headquarters and while we are unable to make any internal actions public, rest assured your concerns have been acknowledged and will be looked into appropriately. In the meantime, I'd greatly appreciate if you could send me a PM with a few more details on the situation, including the store number or location, so I can also note these details in my report.


To send me a private message, please log in to your Best Buy forum account and click on the blue icon located in my signature below.


I hope that even though you came across this situation your faith in Best Buy has not been lost. 



David|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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