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Sending my kudos to the Union City Best Buy

My husband and I went to the Union City Best Buy today to pickup my laptop and they were very professional. We even looked for a laptop for my husband. While we did not find one for him the rep in that department was super helpful and was not pushy in any way but told us that different sizes were spread out.


The only takeaway from this that I would like to say is that I think maybe the laptops need to be organized by size and maybe more need to be in stock in the store for the larger screen variety. I was stressing to my husband to sign up for the BBY Card to get the financing but he did not see a variety of 17" laptops to make a shopping decision, in this case he kind of looked bored Smiley Sad But still had fun going the store with me, however. So this store is doing awesome during COVID. Good job. 

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Re: Sending my kudos to the Union City Best Buy

Howdy, hockeycanuckjc,


Welcome back to our forums, and thanks for sharing this feedback with us!  I love hearing the Blue Shirts at our Union City, CA store provided you and your husband some fantastic service while looking for a new laptop, and while it sounds like you weren’t able to find what you were looking for this time, I’m glad they were able to provide some friendly service throughout their visit!


Please know I’ll not only be documenting your feedback here at our Corporate Headquarters, but passing it along to the leadership team at our Union City, CA store, so they’re aware of what a fantastic job they’ve been doing.  I’m confident they’ll share my sentiments in thanking you for taking the time to provide us this feedback!


Have a great weekend!

SeanM|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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