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Scam in New York City 5th Avenue Store returned item and was told it went to a wrong order/no refund

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Now I think about it, it could be a scam in the store, they took my return, gave me a fake receipt telling me it would be refunded to my credit card but it went to a different order/card eventually. Told me there is nothing they can do for me. Here is what happened: December 26th, 2019, 1pm, I went to the store to return the unopened/unused new laptop purchased online on November 29th (received on December 4, 2019). I was given a returned/refund receipt with the items I returned. When I asked if my AMEX card was needed, I was told no need, it would automatically return to my AMEX card, in a week or so. After 7 days, I still did not received the refund to my AMEX card, so I called Best Buy, and was told there was no return to my account with the order. I reviewed the return receipt and found it was returned to a completely different but similar order number, and to a similar but different AMEX card number, with identical items (Lenovo SKU 6295987) with the same sale price. I went to the store immediately and was told that they reviewed the video which showed I returned the shop with a receipt and the associate keyed in the number manually, since they cannot verify what order number I gave to the associate in the video, they are sorry they cannot help me. My return/refund is now in limbo after I returned the item with receipt in store in person. This type of irresponsible customer service is so not acceptable from the wrong return/refund, to "I am sorry we cannot help you". I cannot believe a big company like Best Buy could be so irresponsible for their own mistake and takes no responsibility whatsoever and gives no help. I was wrong to take the item to the store in person thinking it should be the best way to return an item comparing to shipping it back, as human error and bad in-store experience is just not what I expected. So called BestBuy Promise was empty and a lie, very disappointing, and I feel like this is a scam in store for taking my return and pretended issuing me a refund. Was it even a real store associate now I question. The associate I spoke with today, Jan 2, 2020 in store was Nakia, and she spoke with her manager who said they cannot help me was Kevin {removed per forum guidelines}, assistant store manager. Please have a scam team/supervisor review my order and the camera in store again. If necessary, I can call the police. Should I??? Someone technically stole my laptop and my money paid. Just refund me the return to my AMEX correctly, asap. Thank you. Regards, Tammy {removed per forum guidelines}

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Re: Scam in New York City 5th Avenue Store returned item and was told it went to a wrong order/no...

Hi, tammylu,


Thank you for your post to us here on the Forums! 


We always hope that things are processed correctly, and I'm very sorry to hear that this had happened. While mistakes do happen, this does sound like something that we'd like to investigate further to make sure that things are in order. You'll notice that your personal information had to be removed since it goes against our Forums Guidelines. Instead, can you send me the following information in a Private Message?


  • full name
  • email address
  • phone number
  • order number(s)


To send me a Private Message, just click on the blue button next to my name in my signature.  I look forward to hearing from you!

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