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Samsung S23 Order Issues

I recently went to Best Buy and pre-ordered the S23 256GB on the 15th of February. I had just broken my phone and was wanting to upgrade so I bought the S23. I was told that it would arrive on release day. It is now release day and they are saying that my order has been delayed without explanation after going t the store to try to pick it up. So I decided to call the store and try to see what was going on. I don't, in fact, call the store. I ended up being connected to their customer support line in who knows where only telling me things that I already know and nothing more.


Why if I am being charged nearly $1,000 is my phone not ready on release day as promised? Why can I not talk to the store that was supposed to give me my phone? I am without a working phone and I have to ask people to drive me around and end up wasting their gas and both of our money.


What is going on? I want answers.

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Re: Samsung S23 Order Issues

Hello, jadeM.


Thank you for taking the time to reach out to us here on Forums about your situation.


Getting a brand new phone should be a wonderful and easy experience so I'm sorry to hear that your order was delayed. My new phone also suffered several delays before I was able to receive it so I understand your frustration with the situation. I would like to take a look and see what is happening with your phone order. When you can please reach out to me via private message with your full name, telephone number, email and order number. When I see your message, I will be able to take a closer look into the order. Please let me know soon.


Thank you,

Riley|Senior Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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