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Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra defective

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Hello. I picked up my phone on Dec 20. Oder {removed per forum guidelines} . On Dec.24, at about 7 PM, I found out it stopped working. Dead- not charging, not turning on, no signs of life. The store closed early for holidays, so I was not able to stop by to exchange it on the way to the airport as I also left the country on Dec 24 at night and came back on Jan 8.  I went to the store on Jan 9 and spoke to a supervisor Paulina, requesting to exchange the phone. She stated 14 days passed and nothing can be done. I also spoke to another sup Antony, Jan 11, then to Paulina and store manager on Jan 12. At that time Paulina said that there is no way to prove the phone was defective and she went as far as saying maybe it was me who damaged it due to currency difference in Europe. It is shocking, that supervisor can make a statement like that. I wasn't able to contact BB from Europe as the website is not working, but I did email the store on Dec 29 in response to BB email to pick up a phone. That was the only option available for me to alert the store about the problem. I am asking for an exchange due to the fact that the best phone on the market cannot die in 4 days unless its defective. I would've stopped by if the store didn't close early on Dec 24, or I was physically in NY. I have all the emails and tickets as proof. Thank you! 

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Re: Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra defective

Hello, EK3166NY,


Welcome to our online community.  


We appreciate you reaching out for support on our forum. I am saddened to hear that your new Samsung phone is defective, I know how much we depend upon our phone these days, so I can understand your frustration. While or Return and Exchange Promise details our policy, and states that mobile devices can be returned within 14 days of purchase, I would like to look into your purchase to see if there are any options. To begin, please send a Private Message including your full name, email address, phone number, and order number. To send a private message, click the blue bottom next to my signature below.


I look forward to assisting you.



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