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Samsung Galaxy Active 2 Watch

On December 31, I walked into the Best Buy store in Lake Jackson, TX, and was interested in buying the Samsung Galaxy Actvie 2 watch. When talking to the best buy rep at the time, I asked the rep if the Active 2(40mm) has LTE capability because I have a co-worker that has the Active 3 that has LTE capability. The rep told me that the Active 2 is able to do the samething. So I told the rep that I wanted one with LTE capability. The same rep that helped me pout, checked me out, and at time of check out, I asked if the Active 2(40mm) that she handed me has LTE capability, and she assured me that it was. It sucks that I cannot recall her name. She even offered to activate the watch for me but I advised her that my cell phone line is on my brother's account. She asked me who the carrier was and I told her it was Sprint. She advised me that they require that the account holder to be present. I advised her that my brother went out of the country for a business trip and he wasn't going to be back for a few months. Again she assured me that watch she sold me has LTE capabilities and can be activated at anytime.


Last Thursday my brother came back from his business trip, and on Saturday, 2/27/2021, my brother and I went to a Sprint/T-Mobile store, that is close to the Lake Jackson Best Buy store, to activate the LTE capability of the  Samsung Galaxy Active 2 watch(40mm) that was sold to me back on December 31, 2020, and was advised by the Sprint/T-Mobile rep in the store that the watch cannot be activated because the watch does not have an IMEI number to activate it. So I was advised by that rep to go back to where I bought the watch. So I went back to the Lake Jackson, TX Best Buy store and spoke with Richard in the mobile department and explained the situation. I went into the Best Buy app and logged into my account and pulled up the transaction and showed it to Richard. He scanned the digital barcode that I pulled up from the transcation and he reprinted the reciept out and advised me that they dont have any of the Active 2(40mm) in-stock that they only had the 44mm in stock. I told him that I am willing to pay the difference between the 40mm and the 44mm as long as I get the right watch and the issue get rectified. Richard stated he was going to speak with the store manager by the name of Crystal and get approval to do the exchange.  


Richard came back a few minutes later, stating that he explained the situation to Crystal and that she stated that they WILL NOT do anything. He said that she stated that since the watch is no longer considered that the exchange cannot be done and that she will not offer any refund or any other options. I asked to speak with Crystal and Richard went back to go get her, but she refused to speak to me face to face. 


I need this issue to be rectified! Trust me I understand the Best Buy return policy. I have bough all my electronics, cell phones, TV's, laptops, anything that is considered electronics, thru Best Buy. But it is not my fault that my brother went on a business trip because his job required him to. It is not my fault that Sprint has policies that require the account holder to be present when changes on the cell phone account need to happen. And it is definitely not my fault that a Best Buy store rep sold me the wrong watch, a watch that doesn't have LTE capabilities to begin with, even though I was assured that it did. 


At the same time, some type of disciplinary actions, or coaching needs to be taken against Crystal for how she handled the situation. I have been in customer service for over 10 years, they way she handled the sutiation, and not even having the guts to talk to me face to face, is poorest of the poor when it comes to handling a customer issue like this. 


Like mentioned before, this issue needs to be rectified, it doesn't matter if its a refund and I return the item, or an even exchange, or paying the difference for the 44mm watch. If no action is taken, not only will you lose a 30+ year customer, but further action beyond this will be taken.

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Re: Samsung Galaxy Active 2 Watch

The store was correct to take precautionary measures to protect the account holder on the cell phone. Best Buy can be liable for doing changes to a cell phone account without the person present.


If you were sold the wrong item, it was a different story. Also it's my impression that a device activated on someone elses account generates a number that is linked to the primary cell phone so that if you forget your phone at home, you can pick it up on your watch.


I don't think it's even possible to have a watch as a stand alone item on someones account where it would not be linked to the primary phone number. I could be wrong and a BBY Mod and other community members will correct me if that is the case.


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Re: Samsung Galaxy Active 2 Watch

The watch itself will have its own number and own line and all the calls would be forwarded to the watch. I have a co worker that has the Active 3 watch and I seen it in action myself. In regards for Sprint doing what they did I understood and I am not complaining about that. That's why I told the Best Buy rep that I would wait until my brother came back from his business trip to activate the watch, which I was under the impression had LTE capabilities! And when he came back and we both went into the Sprint store to activate the watch, that when I found out I the active 2 watch sold to me by Best Buy did not have LTE capabilities! And that's my issue! I was sold an active 2 watch that did not have LTE capabilities and the store refuses to take responsibility for it!
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Re: Samsung Galaxy Active 2 Watch

Hello, josmontano!


Thank you for joining our online community and posting for support. I can imagine you were excited to purchase this Galaxy Active 2 Watch and activate it when your brother returned home. I hate to hear this device ended up not having the LTE capabilities you were assured it had, and it saddens me to learn of the lack of support you received when returning to the Lake Jackson store. I'd like the chance to do what I can to assist now.


To start, please send me a private message including your full name, email, phone number, and customer service PIN located at the bottom of your in-store receipt. You can find the blue option to message me to the right of my name below.


All the best,

Allison|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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