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Salesperson took advantage of my 76 year old parents, wrongfully kept smartphone

My folks are older, and both needed to upgrade their phones, as they were using the iphone 6s that was dated. I suggested they try android, as it has come along way since the early days. They both both went with the Samsung Galaxy s10. Dad loved it but mom had a hard time adjusting to android, coming from ios They are under contract with at&t for the 2 androids, but my mom decides to take hers back to trade in for a newer iphone. Problem is that they were 2 days beyond the 30 day trade in cutoff and my mom is stuck with the payment contract on the Samsung. But, lost on the different OS, she still buys a new iphone from best buy which is added to the at&t plan along with the the 2 galaxy s10s. Here's where it gets messy.. under the presumption she was trading her samsung in for another iphone, it didn't occur to her or my dad, that they still leave best buy with not only the iphone, but also her Samsung that was past the 30 day return rule. BEST BUY KEPT her iphone that she has been making monthly payments on for nearly 2 years. I just now was made aware of this. My parents are well off and not bothered by this theft in plain sight, but I am very upset by this. It's not hard to imagine what Best buy, possibly apple or AT&t I don't know which one would do with this almost new $1,000 device. Of course they would refurbish it and sell it to a new customer. That means this Samsung Galaxy is being paid for by two separate parties and that constitutes fraud. I have all receipts and records of my parents contract with AT&t and receipts from Best buy and I need to track down either the phone that's rightfully there's that best buy conveniently forgot to send my parents out of the store with, or a refund for all the payments my parents have made on the phone that is no longer in their possession.
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Re: Salesperson took advantage of my 76 year old parents, wrongfully kept smartphone

Good afternoon, Leifanders,


Thank you for joining our Community, and sharing this experience with us.  I can certainly understand wanting to make sure your parents are satisfied with their purchases, and aren’t paying for anything they’ll not need or use.


If your parents are still in need of assistance regarding this matter, we’ll need to speak with them, or whoever is listed as the purchaser of these phones, in accordance with our Privacy Policy.  They’re welcome to create their own account here on our Support Forums, or contact us by phone directly at 1-888-BESTBUY or 1-888-237-8289, and we’ll be happy to explore what options may be available at this time.



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