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Sales Tax Refund

On 06-Feb-2018, I made a purchase (Apple MacBook Pro 13.3”) from your West Oaks Houston store (2480 Highway 6S, Houston, TX 77077). Since I’m not a US resident but visitor and leaving US next day of purchase back to my home country, I updated the sales team inside West Oaks store that I need to apply for Sales Tax refund. The sales staff inside the store told me that the Sales Tax refund can be made from Houston airport. When I headed to Houston airport I found that this was incorrect and Sales Tax Refund has to be done inside the store itself at the time of purchase. Now, I paid $107.25 as a Sales Tax while I’m not a US resident. Please advise how I can refund such $107.25 noting that I’m outside US now.
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Re: Sales Tax Refund

Unfortunately, I don't believe it is possible once you leave the country as they inspect the product and receipt before leaving.  Accorting to the TaxFreeTexas website, the procedure given to you by the Best Buy location in Houston told you is correct.  There are a number of locations where the Sales Tax could be refunded incluiding 2 inside the Houston George Bush Intercontinental Airport.  The 1st is in Terminal D by the Qatar Airways Ticket Counter and the other is in Terminal E near United Airlines Security Check-In.  As sales tax is a State/Municipal tax and not a federal one, it varies from state to state, if you want to know more I would recommend checking out the website TaxFreeTexas.  You can google it for the links as they don't let us post them here. 

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Re: Sales Tax Refund

Hi Ayman_Mahmmoud,

Welcome to the forums and thanks for reaching out! As a frequent international traveler, I’ve been in a similar situation a couple times. Taxes can be a bit confusing! 

Taxes are assessed on purchases in ordinance with local and state sales tax laws. As a retailer, we do not offer tax refunds. I believe @jdogg836 offered some pretty helpful insight in regards to this particular situation and how to obtain a tax refund. For additional information regarding state taxes, you could also reach out to the Texas State Comptroller’s office. Happy travels!


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Re: Sales Tax Refund

Dear @jdogg836 and Luke,


Thanks much for your advise/input.


I can understand that Sales Tax refund can't be made inside the retailer store, but my concern is that Best Buy chat advisor told me something and the sales staff inside the store told something different. 

Before arriving Houston, the BBY chat advisor told me that at the time of purchase I need to apply (inside store) for sales tax refund while the store sales staff said they don’t do such thing and I've to head to Houston airport directly for application/refund!!

Actually, I was confused as in Europe (UK and France) I had to apply inside the store, get tax (VAT) refund receipt and then get my money back from the customs office at the airport. In Japan, they do refund inside the store directly i.e. you pay based on tax-free price and just get some sort of receipt to hand over to Customs officer at the airport.

Sorry to say but it was unprofessional perofoamnce by BBY staff (chat and store). BBY staff should have a minimum knowledge about tax refund procedure to guide their international traveler customers; properly.