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Sales Person and manager issue

I will not mention all moments of interactions between me and both employees, but hopefully there is enough to get the minimum of what we as customers had experienced.
On 7/11/19 me and my husband went to 4401 transit rd, buffalo location.
While purchasing the sales person Tristan was disrespectful and loud from beginning to the end of a costumer- sale associate communication. I was sitting at the table during the purchase he was coming closely around few times for unnecessary reason and sort of banging playfully with some objects (small boxes) at the table within about 1 foot proximity to me and very loudly initiated casual conversations with another employee. It seems that loud communication on non topic related issues while assisting costumers is a weak point of Tristan’s work . I was purchasing the iPhone, he asked if I know how to turn on the phone (the tone was disrespectful) and I just nodded to avoid further communication as I already had enough due to his persistent rude tone, so he giggled and again in weird tone asked me “oh, and how you do it?” with a strange head shake. His response to my answer also was made in inappropriate manner and in shaming tone. He definitely crossed limits a while ago during my experience with him as a sale associate. Also his push to a protective plan was so hard that he mentioned several times that now IPhone is not that well made as before and I wanted to stop the purchase, thinking that it is better to continue to use my older model. “You phone will brake literally when you will walk outside of the store and you’ll be left with a broken phone” - Tristan *
I calmly called the manager, he was surprised and asked what was wrong to which I answered that everything is fine to avoid all explanations to him.
While I was waiting for a manager, Tristan started to work with a new customer and talked to her with a very soft voice, so it is definitely in his abilities to talk nicely, but it was probably due to the matter of the incident and me letting know that that something is wrong by calling the manager.
A young lady appeared and I told in a calm tone that Tristan was rude and disrespectful. Tristan was nearby and carefully listened. All of a sudden the manager loudly accused me that I’m yelling and interrupting Tristan’s work with another customer even though I didn’t talk to him nor with other customers, nor shared my unpleasant experience with any one else. She clearly had no intention to resolve the matter peacefully as I assume her purpose is. She insisted that I’m yelling and to my surprise started to school me and tell a definition of what’s “yelling” means! She wanted to shut me down even though I wasn’t aggressive or loud. I mentioned to her that my English is not my first language, but I certainly understand what she says and calmly asked for another manager as I see that the matter will not resolve. She told me she is the only one manager, unfortunately I don’t remember this young lady name. I am fluently speaking English and got graduated from the college degree with bachelors degree here in USA (shouldn’t be treated like that even if I wouldn’t have one or had broken English), but she definitely wanted to treat me as my English wasn’t enough. After 10 minutes of accusations that I’m yelling and citing definitions, she asked me with a weird tone:” what you want me to do?” At the end she did apologized that the “yelling probably wasn’t the best word to use... Wow
She was talking to me as a bullying teenager.
What supposed to be a pleasant experience and joy of my purchase was completely destroyed. Even though Im writing this complaint 1 week later I feel disturbed. I hope there will be an investigation of this incident. I don’t feel that just meeting with the team leader would help these individuals to improve their service as it’s more an attitude and total disrespect towards others.
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Re: Sales Person and manager issue

Please feel free to contact me for a sales ID if necessary.
The incident took place at around noon.
Thank you
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Re: Sales Person and manager issue

Hello, Burch.

Welcome to our Best Buy Community Forums! Let me first apologize to you for a delayed response to your post. With every interaction with our customers, we strive to demonstrate respect and dignity to all. That being said, the actions that you’ve described regarding the interaction that you’ve had with one of our Blue Shirts and Leadership staff is unacceptable.


We appreciate you bringing this to our attention and will be contacting the store from a corporate level. If you are comfortable, I would ask that you would provide us with you name, phone, and email if it necessary for our senior leaders to reach out to you for clarification.  Please send that information in a private message by clicking the dark button to the far right of my signature.



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Re: Sales Person and manager issue

Thank you for your response. I will provide you with the information you asked for, the only thing I’m not sure what button to hit to make the msg private. There are options: accept a solution, add comment and kudo.
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Re: Sales Person and manager issue

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