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STORE 001092 - Columbia Heights, Washington DC-General Manager-Shawn {removed per forum guidelines}

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On March 24, I went to store 001092 to return an item delivered to my home address. The item (sku 5253700 - $49) had been ordered on-line on 02/18/2021.  Due to whatever, that item was delivered to my home on 03/09/2021. 


[Please note that all the other items in my order were delivered on 02/22/2021.]   


I work for the US GOV'T and deployed overseas 03/01 to 03/22.  Upon my return, I saw that the Item #5253700 was not what I had wanted.  Not knowing the limitations of the return policy, I rode to STORE 001092 - Columbia Heights, Wash DC.

At STORE 001092 (Columbia Heights, Wash DC), the return customer service was rude. The number of days to make a return I found out is fourteen.  I received the item on 03/09.  I was in the store 15 days after delivery date.  I had returned to USA two days prior.  The general manager, Shawn {removed per forum guidelines}, and his assistant general manager (unknown name) were told of the fact that I was out of the USA.  I asked for a one-day grace period. I stayed asking them for assistance, until Shawn {removed per forum guidelines} called guards (with guns) over to tell me to leave his store.

I then called customer service support and spoke with Nancy (interaction # {removed per forum guidelines}. I explained the situation. Nancy stated that it was within Shawn {removed per forum guidelines} purview to grant a one-day grace period and accept the return.  I explained that he had refused and ejected me from his store.  It took about 45 minutes on the phone, but in the end, Nancy was able to process my return. Thank you, Nancy.

This complaint is posted in a Public Forum, under duress.  The reality that Best Buy has no EMAIL address to which to lodge written complaints against store managers and/or store locations is ludicrous. 

Here is the email address and phone number for STORE 001092 (Columbia Heights, Washington DC) --- (email) 202-387-6150 (phone).  Please note no-one will ever answer calls to that phone number.  Nor do I wish to have any further interaction with the "leaders" at STORE 001092, through email or otherwise.

Please consider this to be a formal complaint about the manner in which customers are treated at STORE 001092 (Columbia Heights, Wash DC).  I am most definitely sure that I am not the only one who has been treated poorly at this location.

 In addition, please note
(1) a 14-day return policy (with no grace period) during a world-wide pandemic is disgraceful.

(2) again your “phone calls only” (800-237-8289) is wrong.  Just plain wrong.

(3) I have no delusion on the face of this planet that Best Buy cares one iota what I think or about these complaints.

(4) Also, I have no delusion that anything will ever change at STORE 001092 (Columbia Heights, Wash DC).

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Re: STORE 001092 - Columbia Heights, Washington DC-General Manager-Shawn {removed per forum guide...

Hello, ndavis3003,


Thanks for reaching out to us, and informing us of your recent experience in one of our Best Buy locations. I'm sorry to hear that a one day grace period was not offered in store, and that you felt the managers were rude and unhelpful. This doesn't sound like the service we strive to provide, and I apologize for any inconvenience.


I'm glad to hear that you were able to get assistance from Nancy on the phone and ultimately get your return processed, but I'd like to formally document this complaint here at the Best Buy Corporate Campus. Please send me a private message, utilizing the link in my signature below, with your full name, email, and phone number and I can get started.




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Re: STORE 001092 - Columbia Heights, Washington DC-General Manager-Shawn {removed per forum guide...

Best Buy is hilarious.  Poor in-store management.  No email address for complaints.  The only option tos stop receiving automatic message "reminders" to this post is to select "Solution Accepted".  

What, perchance, solution have you provided?  Nothing really.  Why should I "check your box"?  Nope.  I'll just leave this open for as long as Best Buy does not have an EMAIL customer service support address.  That's the only solution that Best Buy consumers should accept.  

Big Box corporate creeps.