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Rug Jerked Out from Under Me on Sprint Iphone BOGO Free Experience on 3/10/19

Hello, all, I am from Indianapolis, Indiana. My husband and visited store #232 yesterday afternoon, 3/10/19, to look into purchasing new phones and signing up for a different cell phone provider service. We were greeted by Mike, their cell phone manager. We said we were interested in any BOGO free offers, specifically iphone. He tells us that Sprint is running such a deal with new iphone XR or XS. I'm in. We wasted two hours yesterday with Mike and Jasmine, only to find out that Sprint changed that deal sometime yesterday of the BOGO free offer. Instead we could get the second XR iphone for only $15 per month. I didn't appreciate the bait and switch, after I wasted my valuable weekend time, gave out my personal information to find out that I am approved for Sprint; picked out our phones, cases and other accessories, to find out the disappointing news. Mike apologized, but didn't offer to do anything about it. I am a U.S. Citizen that consumes at Best Buy. It's disappointing that this service happened and of course, the manager of the store was not in yesterday. I do not expect anything in return, but this just isn't sitting right with me and don't want to see the rest of you suffer like we did yesterday. There is obviously a serious flaw with this situation and I hope it does not happen again. I value my weekends and have only so many hours in the day on the weekend, as I work full time. I did not have time to waste yesterday to find out that I could not get this Sprint deal. Yet Mike greeted us and said "I'll be sure to take care of you today, I promise." Well I walked out of the false promise of deception.

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Re: Rug Jerked Out from Under Me on Sprint Iphone BOGO Free Experience on 3/10/19

So Sprint stopped offering the promotion and you are mad at Mike? If you don't expect anything in return, why are you posting?

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Re: Rug Jerked Out from Under Me on Sprint Iphone BOGO Free Experience on 3/10/19

Hey, ChAkitas, 


Getting a new phone is so cool, but getting two phones is even cooler! Especially if they are on a great deal from the carrier. I can understand how disappointing it must have been to find out that the promotion you thought you were going to be getting is no longer available. 


We appreciate you taking the time to post on our page about your experience and hope you both are able to get perfect phones soon! 



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