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Rude Geek Squad Manager

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Hi i recently went into to the store to see if i could exchange a certain item because a couple of months ago i purchased a pair of speakers for a car but i wasnt sure if they would fit but the associate working gaurentteed me at the time after checking his system they would fit perfectly. Well later since i find out they dont fit i go to just try to get an exchange.

At the store i explain the situation and at first they say yes we can do an exchange for this since it was also active in the system. Then while trying to find the correct speakers they stop me and say no were sorry our manager says the model numbers on the speakers dont match the box and i tried pointing out to the manager the box was never opened before he opened it and clearly both speakers having the same model did indead match the box an associate not a manager even pointed out to the manager that they actually did indeed match but at this point the manager refused to do the exchange.

He claimed now that the box was tampered with and it was opened and missing pieces but every piece was there and i proved every piece was there. I understand it was out of return date and i do not care about the exchange what the manager said during the process was the worst I have ever heard from a manager. He called me a liar watched as other associates laughed on the side. I also asked for a different manager but he refused to get another one claiming he was the highest ranking manager and as a geek squad manager i do not know if that is true if he was the highest. I then asked if i could have a number to call a different manager and he said "ya ill give you a number but it will be to my phone" that was the rudest I have other heard. He offered "corporate" number but at the time i wanted to resolve the issue and later at the end i then asked for "corporate" and he said "oh im sorry i thought you didnt want it so now you want it?" And after handing me the number he walked away and said i guess have a nice day. I dont like how a salaried manager can talk to customers this way and get away with it. I dont likenthe inconsistency. How he flip flopped from wanting to helo then choosing not to just because he wanted to not anymore. Oh and the "corporate" number he gave me was customer service help for packages. Also this managers name is Chris {removed per forum guidelines}. And the associate egging him on her name was brittany. Or so he told me.

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Re: Rude Geek Squad Manager

Hey, Hunterhow,


Thanks for taking the time to share the details of your recent Best Buy experience. The details you described don't sound typical at all. We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service, and I wish you would've experienced that.


We would really like to document your experience here at our corporate office to help avoid similar situations in the future. Would you be able to utilize the button in my signature to send us a Private Message? Please be sure to include the full name, email address, and phone number linked to your My Best Buy Account so that we can document this properly. 

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