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Ridiculous customer service skills.

Bought 2 Samsung Tab S8+'s through for store pickup at Best Buy. Got them home and set them up only to find out 1 of them was not an S8+, it was an S7 FE in an S8+ box. Called the store and was told to come in so they could exchange it for me. After standing in line for 1/2 hour the kid at the counter didn't know how to handle and called over his supervisor. After being treated like I WAS trying to scam THEM and making a snide comment that " I don't see how SAMSUNG could have packaged it wrong." The supervisor told me he couldn't exchange it, I had to return it to Samsung since I bought it through them, even after I showed him right on the Samsung invoice it says in plain English IF IT WAS A STORE PICK UP, EXCHANGES OR REFUNDS HAD TO BE DONE AT THE STORE WHERE IT WAS PICKED UP AT, and they're probably going to tell me to take it back to the store. Which after about 45 minutes on hold is EXACTLY what they told me to do, and since they won't exchange it, I have to wait till Best buy notifies them of the return and they'll credit my account and I'll have to buy a new one. Things like this are exactly why year after year Best Buy loses more and more market share to Amazon. At least with Amazon, I can deal with the bad Customer service from the comfort of my own couch. While I might have bought these from Samsung, I've purchased plenty of other things from Best Buy. I even bought a couple of tablet cases from them WHILE I WAS THERE PICKING UP THE TABLET. I wasn't trying to get a cash refund, I was just trying to get what I paid for, which was an S8+, not an S7FE in a S8+ box.
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Re: Ridiculous customer service skills.

Hello, Jasone45,


Thank you for taking the time out of your day to contact us on our forums. We always strive to provide the best customer service possible and I'm sorry to hear that your experience wasn't the most pleasant. Making a return should be an easy process. I have had a similar issue before so I can understand how you might be feeling. I would like to see if I can assist you in any way. Do you think you could send me a private message with your name, phone number, email address? To send me a private message simply click on the message button in my signature. 



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