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Returning an Item

Hi everyone,


I am quite scared on what will happen If I do plan returning another item to Best Buy. It all started when I recently purchased a Microsoft Surface Pro 6 w/ keyboard and a surface pen. However, after using it for about a week, I did not enjoy using it, so I returned and exchanged it for an Ipad pro 12.9" (2018), Apple Smart Keyboard Folio, and Apple pencil and Apple Case. (I bought all the Apple items on 03/15/2019). However, for the Apple Smart Keyboard Folio, I would have to wait two weeks later to pick it up, since Best Buy did not have any available in stock. On the same day, I went to Brea Mall and there was an Apple Store within it. I've decided to buy the Apple Smart Keyboard Folio there and return Best Buy one. Three days later, 03/18/2019, I returned the Apple case because it was useless and I should have done my homework before purchasing it, but I bought it on a whim because I thought the Apple pencil is fragile. Fast forward to present day, 03/20/2019, I'm planning to return the Apple Pencil because my friend has convinced me that I wasted money on it and should have bought a cheaper third party pen. 


I am worried about The Retail Equation. Reading up on it, it seems that if a customer makes frequent returns, the customer will be flag and ban from returning any items for a year. I am not sure if Best Buy gives a warning or will they just ban you without warning?

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Re: Returning an Item

EDIT: I did not receive any warnings about TRE on the receipt or from the person who helped me on my returns, so does that mean I am okay to do a return?

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Re: Returning an Item

Hell yawyee12, 

Welcome to the forum and thank you for reaching out to us regarding your recent transactions and concerns regarding The Retail Equation, or TRE. It's great to hear that you're mindful of this, especially after many returns and exchanges surrounding your Microsoft Surface and iPad, as well as accessories. While it's great to be mindful of this, please know you shouldn't need to worry until you receive a warning or ban notice on your receipt. For more details, you should feel welcome to review our Return & Exchange Promise


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