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I tried to return a purchase today however I was told that I was 10 days outside of the return window.  Does Best Buy not have a relaxed return policy during this National Emergency?  I am 68 years old with diabetes and considered to be in the high-risk category for COVID.    I missed your return window because of being concerned about my health and was told that there were no exceptions.  I would like to return the item.

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Re: Return

I know how tough it can be during these trying times. Unfortunately the relaxed return policy had applied in some circumstances during the offset of business as Best Buy had to restrategize how to keep their services up and running and get customers the stuff they need while being safe.


Now that Best Buy's across the country are starting to re-open, standard return policy applies. Even though you were not able to return an item for a refund a manager or supervisor might be able to issue you a store credit. However, the store is following proper return protocol now that all stores are opening up for in store shopping.


Its worth calling the store to see if an exception can be made.


Otherwise a Best Buy moderator may be able to offer you some insight to this.

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