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Return when out of the country

Hello, i bought a smartphone in Best Buy Canada 4 days ago. I wish to return it as it does not meet my expectations and it is giving me a lot of problems therefore stress and huge anxiety. I am not from Canada and i am back in my country, how can I return it, the product is intact, only a few days using it, I did not even open or used the earphones. Please help.

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Re: Return when out of the country

These forums are for Best Buy US, not Canada. However, usually in order to do returns you would have to mail it to someone in the country you want to return it in and have them physically there to return it. Best Buy (US at least) does not accept mailed in returns unless it was something initially shipped to you.
I am not a forum moderator nor voice of corporate. One of the corporate moderators will be with you as soon as they can for the official response from Best Buy. The forums work on a first come, first serve basis and it can take a while for a response.